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10 thoughts on “After Multiple Pit Bull Attacks in the Humboldt County, Emerald Triangle Region, Cliché Red Herring Distracts from Real Issue

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  1. If a dog that is capable of delivering a serious injury suddenly attacks, it does not matter if some people previously classified the dog as “good”, or if some people previously classified the dog as “bad”. The tragic result is still the same. Every month in this country, many, many owners of so-called “good” dogs are left singing the same old song: “He was always so friendly. I wonder what could have gotten in to him.”

  2. I really get sick of the “good” pit bull argument. “There are more good pits than bad. Most pits are good”. Blah blah blah. All pit bulls are deemed “good” when they haven’t attacked yet. They are the so called best, sweetest pits ever for years, until one day out of nowhere they rip someone’s face or limbs off for no reason. Or kill someone completely unprovoked.

    That’s what pit nutters don’t understand. No matter how bad a Chihuahua is, it won’t kill a person. A “good” pit bull can and often will.

  3. This is one of my big peeves with dog owners-having their mutt(s) out front unleashed. It’s also why I walk with a knife IN MY HAND, ready to open and fight with.

  4. This is so on point! The only question to ask is how bad does it get when things go wrong. And the answer with pits is – it gets really bad – quick! That’s why they need to be regulated!

  5. The news report on Candis was very hard to read. It made my stomach churn and my heart breaks for her. She, her family, and her partner have been cavalier about pit bulls and their owners because there are several in their lives. They trusted that the neighbor would lock them up when they came over and that he would do it adequately. I don’t just mistrust pit bulls, I mistrust their owners.

  6. These stories.are all so sad. Nobody and no one should be destroyed by a dog. As I watch my GSD go running through my house uttering a big Woof Woof, I realize how harmless he is. (The trespasser is a friend of mine who also works for me)

    Today the trespasser reminded me to put him back inside due to a pair of pitbulls in my yard. (A six foot high chain link is not adequate enough to protect my pets.)

    Unfortunately now I know I have stray pit bulls around and I can no longer let my dogs loose to run from my house to my car. The best veterinarian in the Universe may not be able to fix pit bull damage.

    Why do people keep dogs they cannot control?

  7. Awful news. If I understand this correctly, she still has the left leg but it is not expected to function well and with the right leg she has progressed to AKA status (above knee amputation).

  8. The “good” vs “bad” owners is an uncomprehendingly stupid statement.

    Just look out the front door in any busy city. Tons of egregiously stupid dog owners, with untrained, dimwitted dogs dragging them along.

    If “good ownership” was the criteria to having a stable temperament dog–99% of non-pitbulls would be ripping people and other pets to shreds, daily.

    They’re not.

    There are fewer pitbulls and more pitbulls per capita maiming and murdering people and other pets.

    Cultists lie to themselves and everyone else that the object of their worship isn’t harming anyone and they have rights. Most cult leaders don’t murder their followers but we all keep a wary eye on them because enough of them, do.

  9. “Candis Danielson filed a complaint against the County of Humboldt on June 26, 2024, in the Court of Appeal of the State of California, First Appellate District. The case revolves around Danielson’s assertion that the county failed to enforce mandatory duties concerning dangerous and unvaccinated dogs, leading to her severe injuries.”

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