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42 thoughts on “Rescuer Involved in Highly Litigated 'Gus' Case, Flees Scene After her Fake Service Pit Bull Attacks Child, Says Mother

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  1. So, not only a fake service dog, but a known *biting* fake service dog and a pitbull to boot.

    This is a disservice to all those seeing eye and hearing ear and actually *trained* proper goldies/shepherds/standard poodles/spaniels/labs etc. and their responsible owners.

    Some kind of requirements here, plus BSL would put a halt to this nonsense.

    Perhaps the mom of the wounded child should sue the restaurant for not upholding any standards of *what* dogs they are allowing in their establishment?

  2. That pathetic pit owner needs to be banned from owning any pet, ordered to pay the little girl’s medical bills, and jailed. This is infuriating. And the landshark should be euthanized asap.

    The these restaurants need regulations too. Dogs do not belong in restaurants; ESPCIALLY pit bulls of all things. Where are the policies to stop fake service pits?!?!

    • Woah! You may have something on the restaurant for shared liability. Check out the Yelp page for Loose Caboose before it is selectively edited. The place is dog friendly. Of their 41 photos, 4 are of 4 different dogs that are clearly not service animals.

        • Sooo…

          It’s a “dog friendly” restaurant but they don’t want to take any responsibility for ensuring the safety for all people and friendly dogs and they don’t want to ban pitbulls and upset the pitnutters?

          We see how that worked out for them.

          “Service dogs” don’t seem to have anything to do with this regardless of what some pit owner is claiming…

          • When I see an establishment advertising itself as “dog friendly,” I consider myself warned. And I stay good and far away from said establishment.

      • Isn’t it against Health Department rules to allow animals in any location that prepares or serves food? Service dogs are the only exception. Why are they allowing non-service dogs access inside a restaurant? Such “dog friendly” rules are usually limited to outdoor seating areas such as a patio or sidewalk.

        Has anyone contacted the Health Department about Loose Caboose’s lax rules?

      • Trouble is, public accommodations are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to service animals.

        Federal law (the Americans With Disabilities Act [ADA]) does not allow adequate vetting of purported service animals. It only allows asking a patron with a purported service animal:

        1. Is this animal required because of a disability?

        2. What work or tasks is this animal trained to perform?

        Failure to accommodate a service animal would put the restaurant on the hook for an ADA lawsuit and Federal penalties of up to $75K for the first violation. Dishonest service dog fakers know to fib around those questions.

        So, to avoid an ADA lawsuit, Federal penalties, and bad publicity, public accommodations typically give the benefit of the doubt to the person claiming a need for a service dog.

        Under existing law, identifying an animal as a service animal is on the honor system, but there are too many dishonorable people for the honor system to work.

        Maybe we need Federal licensing of service animals, and disqualification of dangerous breeds such as pit bulls.

  3. Scratch the owner of a dangerous dog, find a dangerous dog owner.

    People who harbor dangerous canines bring misery to unsuspecting innocent victims. People who harbor dangerous canines leave a trail of misery in their wake. Anytime a person is in reasonable proximity to a dangerous canine, that person is at risk of becoming a tragic victim of severe body harm. The dog owner who fled the scene: They are just merely following their innate and all too common anti-social personality programming. What else can be expected of people who force dangerous canines upon innocents?

  4. Anyone with a Linkedin profile wants to do some digging there is a Jenny Romano in the Houston, TX area who is listed as a veterinary professional.

    Ths same Jenny Romano had a Jenny’s Pets / Animal Fundraiser on FB that is now defunct (or she took it down due to this latest incident).

    Man. If you search Jenny Romano on GoFundMe it appears she has 5 fundraisers with only two of them still being active. She keeps using a different TX town (Spring is used 3 times, Round Rock, Conroe) to fool people but they are all her.

  5. A few years ago, I was in a Tucson restaurant and almost got caught in the middle of a dog fight. That’s right. In a restaurant that’s primarily focused on serving food to human beings.

    Neither of the two dogs was a pit bull. But both were rocking those service dog vests. Probably the kind that their owners purchased on the Internet.

    Did I ever go back to that restaurant? Nope.

    I wonder how many other patrons made the same decision as I did. Because, at the time of this dog fight, the restaurant was packed with the lunchtime crowd.

    • I watched a fake service dog attack a woman sitting next to it in a Weight Watchers meeting. When was the last time you saw a real medium sized service dog on a chair? My dog was required to relax on the floor!

  6. There’s a Go-Fund-Me page for this little angel. This whole back story with vicious Gus and now this other monster is appalling. These people need to be arrested and sued.

  7. I would love it if Amber Rickles made an appearance on this blog to tell us if Jenny every paid a dime. From Animals 24-7: “Rickles was on May 18, 2015 awarded $1.3 million in damages for the Texas attack, suffered after she boarded the dog for pit bull rescuer Jennifer Romano. But, Rickles told ANIMALS 24-7, “I have never recieved a dime of that money, nor will I ever because Jenny Romano can’t and won’t pay.””

    Also, for Amber to talk about how Jenny and her ilk victim-blamed her. I read more about this case and Jenny’s counterclaim was that Amber’s boarding kennel was advertised as full-service boarding and training and that this was basically false advertisement because she could not handle ALL dogs, most specifically her extremely aggressive, Gus.

    Per Jenny’s M.O., she blames a 3-year-old victim and she scurries away from this “hit-and-run.” Does anyone know if hit-and-run is a felony charge in TX? At this point, how many known victims are there of Jenny’s choices?

    Facial scars are bad enough, but I worry about damage to the parotid salivary gland and the V2 branch of the facial nerve. She may not experience a dry mouth until she is a teen. She may also have atrophy of this large gland and facial fat which would make her face asymmetrical. Ronin may have a very crooked smile. She may be left with problems drinking fluids due to 1/2 of her upper lip being paralyzed. When she is older, she may have trouble kissing.

  8. Unbelievable. A family goes to dinner and their kid gets attacked. I don’t care if the kid poked the dog in the eye (which I know she didn’t) a real service dog wouldn’t take off her face!

    Okay some people want to live with pit bulls. But why are these horrible creatures inflicted on the rest of us?

    • I agree Willow. If I had a *real* service dog and a kid poked them…I might yell at the parents because my working dog is trying to work and now their kid is messing with my dog that’s trying to do its job.

      The last thing I would expect is that my working dog would mangle the kid before I told the parents, off.

  9. Someone on Ronin’s GoFundMe gave 5 dollars so they could blame the parents and say, “Why was the child leading the adult?” And so it begins. That made my head spin. Maybe because the family thought they were in a safe place plus it is easier to watch where your children are going if they are ahead of you. He went on to launch a huge pit apologist statement complete with there is no such thing as a pit bull and they are good dogs. When will it end? When will there be any kind of justice? When will people like Romano be punished?

  10. There are not enough words to express how angry I am seeing this. I hope the pit nutter faces jail time for this. A 3 year old will no be damaged for life because of these nutters and their fake service monsters.

    • I should have pointed this out before I posted. If you blow up the photo on Reddit that dog’s vest has a dopey medical symbol (snake wrapped around a staff) and the word “I AM A” above it. I can only presume that below it are the words “SERVICE DOG.”

    • Please catch my eyeballs as they are rolling across the floor faster than I can jog over to catch them.

      Pitbulls. Are. Not. Temperamentally. Sound. Enough. To. Be. Any. Kind. Of. Service. Dog. Ever.

      …………..(neither are dalmatians, for that matter, but their owners aren’t stupid enough to believe their dogs are clever)

      I fail to understand why dog owners can’t fathom this simple reality.

      • The problem is that pitbull owners have their own “simple reality”. They will concede that selective breeding can be used to determine physical appearance, but don’t understand that it can also determine temperament. They believe that a vicious dog had to have been abused, and since their own dog has received nothing but love, they will never attack unprovoked. And it doesn’t help that a well intentioned but ill informed celebrity can go on national tv to advance this myth,

  11. Jeez, if a kid gets hurt in a restaurant running around wildly and gets boiling soup dumped on them when they collide with a wait staff serving food–that’s on the parent.

    If the kid gets mangled by a dog, that’s the equivalent of being maimed with a fork by another customer–that’s solely on the party that did the maiming although there may be liability if the restaurant knew the customer/dog was dangerous–which is unlikely.

    This really doesn’t take rocket surgery to figure out. Too bad the law is not as sensible as the average person.

  12. Thank goodness Montgomery County decided to neutralize the threat and also decided to hold the criminal responsible.

  13. Did the little girl have to get rabies shots?
    Anytime a dog owner flees and the victim has to get rabies shots the dog owner should face a separate assault charge, in addition to whatever charges come from the first attack. Likewise it should be illegal to leave the scene of a dog attack. Sadly it isn’t.

  14. This is just unbelievable that another one of her dogs mauled someone and this time it was a child. Its even worse that she is trying to blame the child like she did the last victim who was mauled by her other dog. How many dogs that she owns has to maul people before she’s never allowed to own a dog again. I have first hand knowledge of her other dog Gus as my dog was attacked by him at Cesar Millans dog psychology center when Gus was court ordered to go there.

  15. Yes I’m the owner of Ace, he’s an Alaskan malamute not husky. I still have him. Yes I am aware that Gus attacked multiple dogs at the dog psychology center after attacking mine. Then him attacking a few other people after being released from the DPC early violating Texas court orders. I’m just in shock she allowed another one of her dogs do this and is blaming the child. Jenny has had Kingston for awhile now. She may have even owned him when she had Gus.

    • I hate to ask, how badly was your dog injured? I would also like to know has CM handled this situation, how it was explained to you, what was done to make it right.

  16. In my mind’s eye, ANY pitbull is a FAKE SERVICE DOG. They’re butchers, murderers, maulers, mutilators, anything BUT a dog capable of aiding a disabled human (unless that disabled human is looking to murder someone, or commit suicide by dog).
    Just another example of the type of SCUM that gravitate towards these breeds. Had the unmitigated gall to run away after HER DOG attacked, a child no less. Compete SCUM that NEVER take responsibility for the destruction their animals commit.
    Like that celebrity douche Henry Golding, who’s pitbull attacked another dog in a park. He RAN AWAY, fortunately several people used their phones to video tape him, and he was FORCED to come forward. Heinous, scummy people.

  17. Ya she owned Winston when she had Gus. This link above shows a photo of her, Winston and cesar when you click on it.
    “white pit bull wearing a service dog vest”

    That would mean she has had Winston since atleast when Gus was at Cesars in 2014.

    • Thank Goodness that the judge ordered the dog to be euthanized. Thank Goodness that the judge knows that dangerous canines can not be trained to be non-dangerous. Thank Goodness that the judge also has found that the owner shows lack of responsibility. Thank Goodness that the owner “also faces potential criminal charges under Texas statutes after the attack on Ronin and for fleeing the scene after injury to a child.”

      Today’s update shows that all official legal proceedings pertaining to dangerous canines are not 100% against the de facto victim. It is nice to see one tiny ray of hope in the broad, wide and deep river of tears that is directly caused hourly, daily, weekly and monthly by dangerous canines and their owners.

  18. Good news! Jenny should admit that Kingston is not even an ESA and that she does not have a disabling mental health condition to require an ESA.

    • It shows the mental disconnect. Just shocked at how long it took to even begin the process for justice in this case. If this woman had run over the child with her car and then fled, wouldn’t she have been sought more quickly?

  19. Something tells me that the pit bull on her sweatshirt is Kingston. So defiant and disrespectful showing up wearing that. My other thought is that she is the last person you want working at your restaurant where she is going to encourage all her friends to come and visit with their fake service pit bulls. Based on the article about her charges, the child is at least the 4th person bitten by Kingston (male friend admitted it to officers it happened years ago, a female roommate was also bitten, the article references yet another bite in the past year).

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