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23 thoughts on “After Severe Facial Attack by a Relative's Pit Bull, Shame Follows and a Willingness to Suppress Breed Information

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  1. The responsible adult knows that dangerous breeds are unpredictable animals that kill and maim by switching from nice mode to kill mode in a tiny fraction of a second without warning, unprovoked, at random. When this killing and maiming happens, the responsible adult will defend the dangerous animal and its ilk. The civil authorities will do the same thing. There are some exceptions to such manifestations of this social and governmental malady, but when such happens, it is painfully too late. People who defend the dangerous animal make them selves to be the winner by deploying such a pathological defense mechanism. The baby, the infant, the toddler, the senior citizen, the pedestrian, the every person: They are the losers. This disease is a spiritual malady. When hate for neighbor and self is replaced by love for self and neighbor, dangerous animals will no longer be chosen as pet animals. I will not live long enough on earth to see that day. I will see that day soon in another Kingdom that non-loving people can not know or attain.

    • Here is a 100% way to show people that the “its the owner not the breed” is a 100% lie.

      Pits are only 6% of the dog ownership, yet account for by far the MOST human deaths and serious maulings of any dog breed.

      Labs are the MOST owned dog breed in the US. Yet Labs dont kill but 1 person every couple of years? Compared to 20 plus per year for Pit Bulls.

      So if Labs are the most OWNED dog in the US, that means there are FAR MORE BAD lab owners than Pit Bull owners just based on sheer numbers.

      So, it if truly was an “owner” problem and not a breed problem, then Labs should BY FAR have the most human deaths per year…

      But they just dont…It is a big lie. You can stop any PB owner in their tracks with this logic, but unfortunately PB owners are usually not the brightest bulbs in the batch to even consider logic and common sense…

  2. “Moore-Day also stated that Lent asked the owner of the dog to put it down and the male owner refused.”

    I wouldn’t be asking. That dog would have been well on its way to being compost before my child was out of surgery, owner’s “refusal” be damned.

  3. Today I was talking with a very nice woman who expressed shock that pit bulls today could be aggressive since they have been bred for pets for so long. She is a GSD owner. I found this a bit scary since a pit bull could easily kill her dog.

    At any rate, obviously more people need to be educated as to the danger these dogs present.

  4. As someone who survived a pit bull attack, that video broke me. I’m bawling like a fool, hearing that sweet baby feeling the things I felt while in the hospital. Knowing what he has to endure for the rest of his life kills me inside. And I’m sorry, but this mother should be ashamed. Not for recording him, because that should be documented. But for her tone in response to this boys anguish. He endured pure hell, and her only response is, “I know, I’m sorry.”?????? My family sobbed over me before my first surgery. I bawled like a baby over my 4 year old and she only had a tooth, maybe 2 teeth, in her forehead/neck before I pushed him away and he mauled me instead. But just that look on her face and the blood on her face devestated me. Those tiny scars rip me apart when I see them on her, and this mother can only make false sounding apologies???? I’m repulsed.

  5. My heart broke when Camdon said, “I wish this never happened.” Such an adult statement from a 6 year old and unfortunately something he we repeat for decades. Mom’s voice comes off as not being too concerned and honestly fake like she is acting for the camera. Yes, he will need money for further surgeries but something tells me that money will be spent on other things and long gone before it ever benefits him.

    • A very adult statement indeed. I’m so sorry for the boy his parents and relative failed him but also society has for not seeing through the lies about these dogs made up by sick people.

  6. In that video, the mother sounds like a psychopath. She’s mouthing the words, but it’s obvious that she lacks empathy.

    Is child protective services involved in this case? It should be.

  7. Poor little boy. I wanted to mention that this sounds like one of those too-common setups that lead to dog attacks, a grown man dependent on a woman – usually an older female family member – for financial support and part-time housing then brings a muscular fighting/guard breed like a pit bull or Rottweiler into her house. So many pit bull attacks involve that setup. It’s easy for the man to ghost with the pit bull because he has no real financial ties to the property – his mom, aunt, sister, baby mama, etc. are the ones paying the bills, whose names are on the rent agreement, the lease, the mortgage. This is basically the 21st century version of the “intact male dog chained outside 24/7” setup that resulted in most dog attacks in 1980.

  8. I am sorry but Pit Bulls deserve the negative stereotype that the breed has. My grandson was mauled and another on killed one of my dogs. This is my opinion only but this breed is good for target practice only. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice and my dog gets killed. Pits are not nice dogs. They shouldn’t be around children.

  9. This entire thing is just heartbreaking. The uncle or whoever actually owns the dog should be ashamed, choosing an animal over their own family. This poor child could have lost his life and the whole family seems more concerned on making sure poor pitmauler doesn’t get exposed. Disgusting. That beast needs to be put down and this child saved from this family.

    I watched that video and it shocked me. The mother doesn’t sound upset at all. I’m not a parent, but if anything like this ever happened to so much as a close friend, I don’t know what I’d do with myself, let alone a family member. Her empty voice just saying “I know, I’m sorry”, like he just fell or something is mind boggling. She should be doing everything in her power to have the mutant animal put down.

    • Yes, the reporter sounded more concerned about the child. The mom, on the other hand, seemed more concerned about the reputation of a fighting breed than her own child. It’s an outrage.

      I hope all the money raised goes to the child. He’s going to be very traumatized by this.

  10. I scrolled through the update’s on this child’s gofundme organized by a great aunt. She made this comment,

    “It sounds like Cam will be going home today. Lots of swelling. Fox 17 wants to cover Cams story. Tristin is feeling uncomfortable accepting help but is VERY grateful for every ones generosity. Unfortunately as of now the dog has not been removed from the premises. It was the owners choice. He said “NO”

    Shocking? Not really, but it should be. Once again the pit bull is valued more highly than the child.

  11. Where are the authorities?! How could anyone allow a dog that did this to a child to stay alive?! Who cares what the owner says. Euthanize that monster before it does this to another child! And just what on earth is wrong with this family? I cannot believe the mother would rather protect a dog that could have KILLED HER SON than speak out the truth of what happened. Thank goodness word got out that this was a pit, or she’d be trying to hide it. It’s pure lunacy.

  12. Unfortunately as of now the dog has not been removed from the premises. It was the owners choice. He said “NO”


    Can you imagine the fear the child will feel trying to recover with that dog in the house?

    Don’t know what the law is in Michigan, but in Virginia if a dog kills an animal or human, it’s deemed dangerous and must be destroyed.

  13. This mother – if that term is even applicable here – is the absolute epitome of what is wrong with pit bull defenders and advocates. Her own son was a hair’s breadth away from death, and yet she stands in front of God and everyone professing what? That she “doesn’t blame the breed.” Utterly brilliant.

    She ticks off literally every reason why pit bull type dogs are so damned dangerous. The dog had been around loud rambunctious children all the time, had never shown aggression before, was unprovoked, and snapped at the face and was on the child “in a second.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! She wins the “No shit, Captain Obvious” prize! The truth is laid bare for her and she still chooses to act shocked and surprised that the land shark she trusted around her innocent, defenseless child did what it its genetics tell it to do: sudden, unprovoked, violent aggression aimed at a someone/something completely vulnerable and defenseless. They were bred to kill, and by the grace of God her son didn’t meet that awful fate.

    She’s received a horrifying wake-up call and she’s hitting the snooze button. I pray her poor son never gets put in a situation like that again, but it sounds like there is a very high possibility it will happen again.

    This mother has been given the gift of her child’s life for a second time. She has been given what so many parents never have. She gets to hold her sweet child again for another day. I hope her eyes will be opened and she will truly realize what she almost lost, and the reason why she almost lost him was believing that pit bulls are safe.

    Thank God that poor little guy survived. I just wish he wasn’t at the mercy of “adults” whose decision making skills make me wonder if their synapses fire properly.

  14. Where are the authorities in this mess? Why does the uncle even have any choice whether or not to put the dog down? This is an absolute no brainer. SMH.

  15. This was not covered by the other Kalamazoo news sources at all. Dogsbite report was the first I heard of this as I don’t watch Fox17. Nor did I hear anyone at work talk about this; I work with people from Plainwell who i would think would know about this.

  16. The article I read stated that she said “obnoxious” kids instead of “rambunctious”. I took a Screen shot of it because I was floored that she described children as “obnoxious” and then follows with how she “loves” the breed AFTER her son was horrifically disfigured! Did the article I read mistype that?

  17. This little boy…it actually breaks my heart AND the video of him crying.. he is very lucky that the mutt didn’t rip his eye area, also his lips but this is truly a horrific ( but probably quite ‘normal’ pit damage fkn disgusting) this image should be played on national news throughout the states! Who is behind the propaganda machine, that prevents US folks from seeing this damage? I am so sorry for the average North American who just doesn’t understand the viciousness of these ‘breeds’ if it looks like a pitbull or bully breed…it IS one! and you may not be safe, in your own backyard…take care, my US allied, from Australia xx

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