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3 thoughts on “Doctors Restore Little Girl's Face After Disfiguring Pit Bull Mauling; a Miraculous and Inspiring Endeavor

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  1. That is so amazing. That poor little girl she has been through so much. Thank goodness this baby will have a semblance of normalcy in her life.

    I saw such a disturbing video on my news feed this morning. All I could think of was it would take a split second for the xxl pit bull (they brag their dogs are 148lbs and up) to kill the infant. Of course in the video its being a "nanny" the day it snaps then the nutters will scold them that "you cant trust a child with any dog….."

  2. That is truly miraculous! It is, however, a very sad testament to the severity and frequency of these severely maiming pit bull attacks that doctors are now innovating new procedures that are necessitated almost solely because of pit bull attacks. I remember reading about a doctor improving on how to treat a sucking chest wound that was caused by a pit bull attack on a little girl. The sucking chest wound is almost exclusively a wartime injury, and civilian doctors rarely treat them in regular facilities. Now, because of that pit bull attack, military surgeons now have a better way of treating that wartime injury. We don't allow anything else in our society that mauls people in the special way pit bulls do. Isn't that special.

  3. I've said it many times, NEVER take your child to a home with a pit bull! These dogs can NEVER be trusted no matter how they are raised.

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