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18 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: 6-Year Old Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull in Huntington, West Virginia

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  1. Another beautiful little soul lost to a pit bull. What a horrific thing to experience, and just before Christmas. My condolences to the family of this little guy. I have a 6 year old, and this just hurts to read.
    The FB posts ask for prayers for the family, which I will do. I also pray for the protection of the children who are still being exposed to the unpredictable, explosive violence of this breed.
    Of course, the PPP (pro pit propaganda) has already begun. Somehow the innocent little Isaiah will be responsible for his death via bumping, harassing, or somehow provoking the mauler into its death inducing attack.
    My Christmas wish this year is the elimination of mauler breeds from this earth.

    • I also have a 6 year old and this is devastating news. You and I will be praying for the same things. So sorry for the family and the suffering of this little boy.

    • My heart is broken for every family torn apart by pit bulls. Pediatricians strongly recommend that children are never around pit bulls.

    • I have a 7 year old and this is just . . . – one of the reasons I take such long breaks. I don't know how full time
      Advocates like Colleen and Jeff do it. Right now, I'm embroiled in a "debate" on my "next door" app. My neighbor posted there was a pit bull on the loose and you would have thought she wrote "I'm going to kill all of your pets". Instead of a "thank you for thinking of your neighbors safety", she's just getting a ton of crap. I live in one of the most wealthiest communities in this part of the South- maybe even the country, but from the posts of my neighbors- we do not sound like people who are educated or could make good decisions. To put it bluntly, the sophistication level does not match the neighborhood in which we are living. All I can do is thank the woman for warning us as my 11 year old walks home from school everyday and it's a concern. Oh- but let there be an African American walking around this suburb, Nextdoor neighbors would be falling over themselves thanking her and telling her how courageous she is for not being PC.

      Sorry to vent on this boy's tragedy. It just speaks so close to home.

  2. From what I understand the dog once again belonged to someone who was staying with them. I'm all for 'helping someone', but if they have a pit bull you tell them the dog can't come. If California has the big one my cousins are welcome, but their pit will be left in the desert with a bullet hole or five.

  3. Another pit bull. Surprise suprised. Poor little boy. He is with the angels now and not suffering anymore. I'm tired of reading about pit Bulls mauling and killing people. They need to be exterminated. Go find a friendly dog breed!

  4. This appears to be the mother's Facebook profile – found it while looking at the fundraiser page for the boy's funeral. She commented on the fundraiser that it was her boyfriend's pit bull and the dog had played with her son for a year?

  5. Taken into custody by animal control. Why are the taxpayer dollars being wasted on such a thing? Put the dog down.

    • I also can't wrap rational thinking around it. Immediate death ensures that no more humans or pets can be killed by a known mauler; they can chop its head off and send it to the lab to make sure it didn't have rabies; it saves paperwork and paid time of employees to keep the dog until it has its "day in court;" and the cost of a bullet versus the cost of several injections is a whole lot cheaper.

  6. The comments on the fundraiser page are very interesting if you read between the lines. The people defending the breed (many apparently family of the victim) are so terrifyingly ignorant. "I'll tell you that German Shepherds and Huskys attack everyday and you never hear about it." Or "chihuahuas and pomeranians are way more vicious than pit bulls."
    What do these people not get? When is the last time a chihuahua or pomeranian decapitated an infant or eviscerated a living human being? I was bitten by a hamster once. I'm still here. The difference is that pit bull bite victims never walk away rubbing a superficial wound.
    I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I am just so disgusted by people who defend baby killers. A child is dead and they still have the gall to defend the dog who murdered the child.

    • And, let me guess, that fundraiser won't meet its goal. Why? Because of those comments.

  7. I have seen this many times that I just don't know what to say. I am always trying to write something clever, or from the bottom of my heart, or something so meaningful that other parents with Pit Bulls will realize the danger that Pit Bulls present to their children, so, once again I can only say RIP, sweet angel

  8. GtownV, I see the same stuff on my Next Door. All kinds of mewling about the poor widdle lost pibble.

    And someone recently posted some advice on what to do if attacked by an aggressive dog. Well, we all know that "aggressive dog" is another way of saying "pit bull."

    I responded by posting a link to DBO. To my utter and total amazement, I wasn't chastised for doing so. In fact, someone even thanked me!

    Little by little, our side is making progress.

  9. Another terrible tragedy with more bad decisions, propaganda, and ignorance ultimately leading to the worst outcome possible.

    Reading about these incidents day after day is difficult and frustrating. I don't know how all of you do it–I just discovered and started researching the pit bull problem within the last year or two. I am sick to death of hearing the same tired lines repeated over and over, and I'm so thankful to blogs like this one, Daxton's Friends, and others for providing truth among the lies.

    Has anyone else noticed lately that there is now only one headline regarding this child's death and probably at least half a dozen about the "hero" pit bull who "saved" the teen from a rape? Sigh.

  10. "We don't know what happened"- what happened was YOU, all of your family, has ZERO breed knowledge. This is classic pit bull behavior. The information IS out there is you take three minutes on the internet to LOOK for it. Ban the breed, end its deed. There is no need for pit bulls.

  11. Courtney Hessler and Capri Billings belong in jail for lying to the public about fighting dogs. In their urge to help breeders, dog dealers like Capri, and dog fighters sell more dogs, they are lying to people and getting children killed.

    When will parents and grandparents start to take action on pit bulls in homes with children? Zero tolerance for fighting breeds around children.

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