2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill 2-Year Old Girl in Topeka, Kansas

Relatives identified the 2-year old Topeka girl killed by pit bulls as Piper Dunbar. Father Interviewed UPDATE 09/28/16: In a devastating interview, Donnie Dunbar, the father of little Piper, talks about the night his daughter was killed by two pit bulls. The dogs belonged to Margaret Jaramillo (Johnson), a friend who was temporarily staying at Dunbar's home. Some parts of the video are difficult to understand, but new details emerge, including more information about Ja… [Read full blog post]

What's Behind the Click and Bait Web Advertisements of Aggressive Shelter Dogs Available for Adoption Today?

Many Shelters Candy-Coat Dogs with Aggressive Behaviors in their Zeal to Increase 'Live Release Rate.' We Examine 34 Case Files. Dogs from the 34 case files we examined from Sonoma County Animal Services. Animal behaviorist and author Alexandra Semyonova provides analysis and a special report: Behavior Testing Shelter Dogs -- A Summary of Where We Are Now Examining Cases Up Close DogsBite.org - Back in April, we were contacted about the "live release rate" trumping publi… [Read full blog post]