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18 thoughts on “Young Man Airlifted with Life-Threatening Injuries After Vicious Pit Bull Mauling in Graves County, Kentucky

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  1. This is a horrific attack and this is really the ultimate example about why we need regulation, this guy IS going to continue breeding and being irresponsible!!! The comments are also atrocious. Lot's and lot's of victim blaming. and tons of people saying it is the job of dogs to tear human beings apart for touching the sacred ground of a private residence. What idiots. BSL NEEDED STAT!

  2. It's interesting that the article specifically says the pits attacked as the victim was leaving – surely a real indication that they were not guarding the property, as an actual guard dog wants an intruder to leave.

    I'm forever horrified at how many people interpret property rights to mean that they now have the right to kill other people – as if their ownership (or partial ownership, if renting or paying a mortgage) of a piece of land gives them the right to murder anyone who trespasses. It seems very prevalent in states with very rural areas – there was a recent mauling in, I think, Vermont, with non-pit bulls, where a woman was nearly killed by dogs while walking up her neighbor's long, country driveway to ask if she could pick blueberries in their woods. The comments in local media stories were insane, all about how it's a guard dog's job to attack and kill intruders.

  3. This is all that pit bull advocacy has accomplished -exploded the numbers of pit bull breeders and unwanted pit bulls.

    They labor for the breeders, and they oppress the very dogs they claim to love

    Will any of them stand up to the leaders that recruit & train them to be servants to breeders?

  4. Why should public safety depend on how someone raises their dog? There are irresponsible owners of poodles, beagles, greyhounds and I could name 300 dog breeds that will not lead to severely maimed or dead neighbors, pets and children. It shouldn't be a death sentence for any of us to depend on all pit owners to raise their pit right. That's impossible. If you think it's how they are raised, then they should be regulated or banned.

  5. I hate this "guard dog" excuse too. Fine. Home defense. When you choose a method of home defense you should be held to the same standard as everyone else. You are off to jail for a long time if you–Shoot some salesman knocking on your door.—-Set up a pit full of spikes in the yard to impale people.—Rig a m-18 claymore mine to get those kids that came over the back fence to get their ball. DOGS SHOULDN'T GET AN AUTOMATIC PASS because it is their nature to guard. They are too damn dumb to make the call. It is not 1630, it is 2016, better methods have been dreamed up. If your dog mauls or kills someone on your property it should be held to the exact standard that it would if you did it yourself with a sword! Even police dogs get it wrong all the time. They continue to bite until the perp holds still. Bwahaha, try holding still while a GSD has you by the crotch. So of course numerous breeders are cranking out highly reactive dogs for these jobs and warping the gene pool. I have a REAL guard dog. 17 month old Lab that barks a couple times when she hears or sees something weird, then lies down somewhere and eats my socks. I can check it out and make the call myself whether or not to kill those pesky kids. These people think their dogs are allowed to defend their home to the death, and I guess they are right. We need strong guidelines/laws on home defense. They wouldn't need to be breed specific either. Treat all dogs as firearms being wielded by the home owner. I chose my dog because she is just a BB gun.

    • Excellent post. Trespass shouldn't be a capital offence. Or make it fair. Decriminalize attacks on pits in all the places pits kill.

  6. It's illegal to place landmines in your yard. It's illegal to play catch with a hand grenade.

    So why is it legal to breed more mutant dogs who were and are created to do more damage than hand grenades or landmines?

  7. At the very least, we should charge all owners and caregivers of dogs that severely maim or kill (pets/people) with animal abuse and neglect. Ban them from any dog ownership for life.

    This breed neutral, low cost, readily implemented law would have prevented this woman's horrific death.

    Any dogs found later on their property or in their care shall be immediately confiscated.

    The FBI recently added animal abuse to the crimes they track, so they can become the national registry.

  8. Honestly I hope this man can sue the owner, landlord, homeowners insurance and anyone else involved. If the costs to insurance companies go up high enough for this breed (and they would if ligation was always pursued), this might dissuade at least some people from owning the breed. I know many insurance companies already refuse to insure pit bull owners, but a nationwide push for dog bite victims to sue, could help towards expanding this.

  9. Right on, Eric.

    BTW, a lawyer-friend recently won a $500k judgment in a pit bull mauling case. So, it can be done.

  10. I don't understand why the judge gave Bouland his dogs back and ordered him to keep them dogs out of Graves County. Will they stop attacking if they're in a different county? Too bad the judge doesn't have the power (or is that willpower?) to lock Bouland up.

  11. Ultimately it is the court and authorities that are responsible for protecting the public. They have failed the public again and again.

    It is not possible to contain dangerous dogs. They need to be euthanized. I hope the victim is suing the property owner.

  12. One thing the authorities cannot do is continue to return known vicious dogs back to irresponsible, delusional owners until someone is DEAD. These dogs should be put down. Public safety MUST come before the self imagined right to own a well documented vicious breed.

  13. Neighbor report website. Higher insurance rates or cancel homeowner insurance: ie insurance reports to bank no insurance, bank repo. the end. Hit them in the POCKET!

  14. Why is the county releasing the dogs instead of euthanizing them? This is akin to the police handing the gun back to a felon shooter after their investigation is over. Wth!?!

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