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5 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Advocate for People with Disabilities Mauled to Death by His Pit Bull in Missouri

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  1. It's so sad that this happened. There's absolutely no reason a disabled person should ever be around a pit, let alone own one.

  2. Am wondering if he had any involvement with Group or groups that advocate Pit Bulls as Service dogs for Vets with disabilities or if his two Pit Bulls were considered to be Emotional Support dogs

  3. More proof, as if any was needed, as to why pit bulls are never real service dogs. The only service they offer is death and dismemberment.

  4. Social Justice Warrior killed by his pit bull. I'm sure pit bull advocates will think of many excuses to make this death acceptable by pit bulls in their head.

  5. Here's a lovely tribute to what sounds like a very kind man:

    He had a small, sweet female German Shepherd and had taken the large, male pit bull in for a friend. He'd known the pit since it was a puppy, and though the dog had shown signs of aggression before, he thought he could handle it. He didn't want to take the dog to the Humane Society in case it hurt someone else or was euthanized.

    So very sad. That dog should have been euthanized, and this man would still be alive.

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