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13 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: 91-Year Old Woman Dies After Vicious Attack by Own Dog

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  1. Yes, what do we know about this particular ac unit? Stratford? who is running it? Not buying the keeshond mix story either. They are timid dogs. if true, that must have been one heck of a pit it was mixed with.

  2. MIX? With what? A mountain lion?
    Nah, just a pit.

    Sorry, but given the amount of mislabeling and lies that go on at humane societies, I am sure it is part pit. I cannot see an elderly women adopting a pit, I bet she was tricked to.

  3. Oh, so it's another one of those MIXES. Yeah, right. It's probably a pit bull and the local animal uncontrol agency doesn't want to admit that.

  4. Whoops, I was confusing a Keeshound with something else. I would think if it was mixed w pit it would be obvious.
    I guess this could be the 1 Keeshound killing ever?

  5. That was my first thought YQN – it doesn't really matter what they call it, since there is such a degree of corruption in AC, with so much lying and deliberate breed mis-identification going on that one can't really take any of the crap they spout at face value, but have to try and read between the lines.

    What would actually be informative and helpful would be footage of the actual animal in question.

  6. Will we just have to take the word of animal un-control, or will we see a picture of this dog? Will this fall into the category of Holden William Garrison? "He had to pry the jaws off the child. It's a catahoula leopard dog. You don't need to see a picture. You can trust us."

  7. It's likely a mix kinda like the pitsky:

    Some images here:

    Considering what ACs and shelters label 'pointer', 'border collie', etc, my guess is that it's an pit bull mix they're consciously choosing to call something else. There's a reason they aren't publishing a photo.

    It would indeed be the first keeshond ever to maul anyone, let alone kill. 2175

  8. I'm wondering if the dog was perhaps a husky. Many people get those spitz-type, furry dogs confused, and huskies have been responsible for a small number of human deaths.

    Also, I do hope that Dogsbite will be responding to the ridiculous pit bull fluff piece that appeared in the USA Today, to speak for the victims.

  9. The 91-year-old widow preferred life inside with her pets. One of them, purported to be a keeshond mix, is responsible for the woman's death … "I've been here 27 years, and I never saw her walk that dog," said Olga Figel, who lives two houses away. "I never saw anybody walk that dog. I never saw anybody visit her." … "A lot of times our dogs get confused with elkhounds, Siberian huskies and chows," she said.

  10. That's a weird looking dog. It doesn't look anything like the photos of the keeshond. Like the baby-killing "Pomeranian" that didn't look like a Pomeranian, this dog seems to be a mutt of indeterminate lineage.

  11. I am not seeing the keeshond here either. The first thought that crossed my mind was this looks like a lurcher, which can be a mix of many different breed dogs, but what they do have in common is a propensity for sneakiness and killing, usually animals – rats, birds, rabbits, cats – pretty much anything that moves in your garden.

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