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6 thoughts on “Young Pit Bull Mauling Victim Set to Hold News Conference on the State Capitol Steps

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  1. It is about time. Do we give bank robbers a pass on their first robbery? Of course not. NO pass for dangerous dog owners. Burn them all at the first bite.

  2. F-Minus in Temperment Testing assigned to OuttofthePits rescue who adopted out this defective mauler and still is a loudmouth in Pit Advocacy.

  3. We will see if Jane Saul Berkey of Animal Farm Foundation in NY, Best Friends Animal Society and the AKC will show any empathy for the victims of dangerous dogs that they promote.

    Will they continue to support dangerous dogs at all costs? Is it so important to support the incomes of dangerous dog breeders, owners, and dealers that slaughtered and maimed children, elderly people, and adults are allowed in New York with no responsibility taken? Must minorities pay a disproportionate price for selfish interests of the dangerous dog dealers?

    They tell us that man biters were culled. Not true, but where do they stand now? Do they support enabling man biters, or doing the responsible thing and dealing with the man biter immediately.

    One free bite means an evitable additional maiming or mauling.

    It happens over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    Does Best Friends Animal Society say this is ok?

  4. I've been wondering — does anyone know what was done with the pit bull that attacked Frankie? I've looked at all the articles linked to, but nowhere do I see this information.

    In this article:

    it says: "[Frankie's] uncle admits the incident has caused a rift in the family that will require healing as well."

    I hope that rift wasn't about whether the pit bull should be put down. I hope this pit bull was put down.

  5. The rift is probably from the six and seven figure medical bills and Frankie Living "The Life of a Thousand Cuts" as the plastic surgeons try to fix the damage.

    Of course the rescue which placed the dog hasn't ponied up a dime!

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