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7 thoughts on “Malden Councillor Clarifies Pit Bull Ordinance and Confirms 'Rational Fear'

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  1. It's really sad that it feels like a miracle to see a politician standing up to the pit-bull crowd like this.

    On the other hand, it feels really good to see one show such intelligence and integrity publicly.

    The nutters are always recruiting people from far away to tell people how to live in their own towns (ie, that they must live with pit bulls, mauled and killed pets, mauled and murdered children). Now let's hope this man's constituency rewards him for caring more about them than about a load of phonies and imports!

  2. Amy Marder is involved with purebred dog breeding and the AKC, and their world that rests on a base of registration money from puppy mills.

    Australian Shepherds
    CH REGENCY LORD AND EMPEROR. RN 03575903. 08-25-03
    By Ch Regency Shastakin Lord Davy – Ch Regency Ridgepark O'Gracious. Dog.
    Owner: Amy Marder., Cambridge, MA 02140. Breeder: Ida Ellen Weinstock & Alice Ann Wight.
    (R C Carusi, Agent).

    And fooling around at the ridiculous Westminster Dog Show, funded by puppy mill registration money

    15 Ch Regency Lord And Emperor
    Breed: Australian Terrier
    Sex: Dog
    AKC: RN 03575903
    Date of Birth: August 25, 2003
    Breeder: Ida Ellen Weinstock & Alice Ann Wight
    Sire: Ch Regency Shastakin Lord Davy
    Dam: Ch Regency Ridgepark O'Gracious
    Owner: Amy Marder VMD

    She's not a humane advocate, not a public safety advocate. She's an advocate for the for-profit dog breeding world that she has a personal vested interest in. Her dog shows are paid for with puppy mill money, breeders profit from breeding vicious dogs, and that is why she and her breeder friends oppose regulation.

    These wealthy elitists want to continue to play games, including breeding fighting breeds, and sell purebred dogs without regulation and without taking responsibility for their actions.

    What honest professional would be involved with an organization like AKC that supports and profits from puppy mills, opposes anti cruelty laws, and supports vicious breeds? An AKC that has been found lobbying with dog fighter advocates time and again?

    Marder supposedly represents a humane organization, but she doesn't even adopt rescued dogs. She doesn't even represent australian shepherds well, since they are getting maimed and killed by pit bulls just like other dogs.

    A breeder lobbyist has no business involved in a humane organization, especially one that is using that organization to protect the financial interests of her breeder associates.

    Amy Marder has zero credibility. No "study" she undertakes is free of the taint of breeder industry financial interests, and dog breeders have a lengthy history of deception and fraud. She should take on a job working directly for the breeder lobby, instead of endangering the public and pets on behalf of wealthy people who just don't care about the deaths and injuries caused by their fighting breeds.

  3. The ridiculousness of Marder's advice as a self-promoted "behaviorist" is laughable and dangerous. From local discussions of her competence, I find complaint after complaint. She simply isn't qualified or knowledgeable, so many say, and with fighting breeds that is very dangerous.

    Someone pointed out her incompetence in her collaboration with someone named Dodman regarding dog on dog aggression

    "There's not much value in dr dodman's work, Athena.

    His advice offers SHEER LUCK heaped on top of dismal failure.

    Yeah. The good doctor is an incompetent trainer, Athena.

    by: Dr. Michelle Posage and Dr. Amy Marder
    Edited by: Dr. Nicholas Dodman:

    "In most cases, the frequency and severity of aggressive
    behavior can be reduced, but not eliminated completely.
    The most that may be accomplished is to reduce the
    probability of aggression. You must weigh the risks of
    keeping an aggressive dog against the benefits."


    "If your dogs are fighting, do not get in the middle.
    Interrupt the aggression using water, loud noises,
    blankets or sprays."


    Her advice gets a person or pet killed. This is incompetence at its worst.

  4. As you can see, Amy Marder herself has admitted that you can't "fix" aggressive dogs, they will always remain dangerous, and you should consider getting rid of the dog because there are great risks.

    Amazing hypocrisy now that the fighting breed industry needs to hire her as a lobbyist and spokesman, and her story changes.

  5. The Malden mayor opened an "online survey" and guess what? The dog fighters and breeders from outside the state are already bombarding it with their usual lies to alter the results, and trying to manipulate the mayor. They are bragging that they can control the "stupid mayor."

    These are people who don't even live in the state, and some don't even live in the country. They are criminals and tax cheats.

    Is the mayor foolish enough to fall for an organized criminal lobby?

    There'll be blood on the hands of the mayor after the next attack if the mayor caters to dog fighters.

    The victim should ready a lawsuit against the mayor.

  6. Kinnon knocked it out of the park.

    He didn't take Marder's "I've done a study" at face value and asked the right questions to ascertain the validity of the "study."

    I love it. These "studies" Marder's and Voith's betray the agenda to lie. they aren't well-meaning if misguided advocates. They are willing to lie to buffalo the public and local governing bodies.

    “Show me a neighborhood with a high concentration of pit bulls and I will show you a neighborhood that most people do not want to live in.”


    thanks for this post!

  7. As these maulings and kiling increase across the country, due directly to pit rescues and advocacy groups, more and more people are seeing through the Pit Propoaganda BS. However they are still obviously very influential on politicians. I mean seriously — I wonder when was the last time that this mayor posted a survey to get the public's opinion on a new law?

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