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4 thoughts on “2011 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. "pressures from animal advocacy groups" or pressures from PIT BULL advocacy groups?

    interesting tethering statistics. only 6% were tethered. the nutters pretty put all of their eggs in that excuse basket.

    and i especially like that 88%. hopefully they will set a new record next year.

    great work colleen.

  2. thank you Colleen…after my child's attack, your website was the first one that comforted me, because I saw I wasn't only in wondering why, so many why's…I try to follow in your groundbreaking footsteps, and advocate for victims, thank you for your bravery and continued hard work.

  3. In Great BSL Never Works Moments…This 2005 article states that Britain went nearly 11 years without a DBRF…During those same 11 years the US had over 60 Pit Bull DBRFs! The Dogs in Britain that began and ended the streak?… Bull terrier and American Bulldog….Whodathunkit?

    "The last fatality involving a dog attack in Britain is thought to have been almost 11 years ago, when a bull terrier savaged a month-old baby girl in Preston, Lancashire, in December 1994".

    The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was brought in following a series of attacks on children.

    A Department for Environment spokesman said that in such cases, officials look at the characteristics of the dog involved to decide whether it falls under the types of breeds banned by the act. "Often animals described as American bulldogs have characteristics of pit bull terriers," he said.


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