Pit Bull Attack Victim, Tanya Barnes, Recounts Life Threatening Attack

Tanya Barnes recounts violent pit bull attack from hospital bed.1 Victim Signs Release UPDATE 04/27/10: In what can only be described as "deplorable" victim exploitation, Tanya Barnes signed a release Tuesday allowing both pit bulls to be returned to their owner. Earlier in April, Barnes was violently bitten in the face by a female pit bull after a male pit bull stepped on a puppy causing it to bark. Instead of attacking the male dog, the female clamped onto Barnes' face causi… [Read full blog post]

Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell Proposes Amendment to HB 281

Amendment Dropped UPDATE 04/26/10: Today a reader helped DogsBite.org better understand the process of Virginia lawmaking. The Governor can propose amendments, but he is not allowed to amend or rewrite bills already approved by the Virginia State Assembly, nor can he overturn court verdicts by decree. The Assembly (House of Delegates and State Senate) considers amendments proposed by the Governor, which must both accept them before the bill is amended. On April 21, the… [Read full blog post]

The Pit Bull Bite: Meet 13-Year Old Vincent Marchese, Attacked Walking to Bus Stop

From left: Vincent Marchese and images of the bite injury inflicted to his leg. Complaint Filed UPDATE 04/20/10: On Monday, the Marchese family filed a formal complaint with New Hanover County Animal Control. A Dangerous Dog hearing will determine if the pit bull, coincidentally named "Patron," is legally deemed "dangerous" requiring its owner to adhere to strict requirements. As noted in the news article, the subject of euthanizing the dog will not be part of the hearing… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Attack Victim, Duane VanLanHam, Awarded Carnegie Medal for Heroism

Dog Mauling Criminal Trial Set to Begin After Delays Pit bull attack victims: Bridgetta Hadley and Duane VanLanHam. Judge Ups Sentence UPDATE 06/08/10: Despite the oddly "carved up" verdict in the case against Anthony Hunt, County Circuit Judge Janet M. Boes did not hesitate in sentencing Hunt beyond the Department of Corrections recommendation by two years. Judge Boes sentenced Hunt to five to eight years in prison. Hunt had asked Judge Boes to follow the correction's gu… [Read full blog post]