Typical 'Deviant' Pit Bull Owner Captured on Video at Special Magistrate Hearing

Another "Freak" Accident Margate, FL - The Margate News recently reported that resident Luis Rivera failed in an attempt to appeal a ruling that determined his pit bull to be "dangerous" after an attack incident. Representing himself before the Margate Magistrate, Rivera starkly represents the "deviant" profile of a vicious dog owner first established by a 2006 study published by the Journal of Interpersonal Violence1 then expanded upon in a 2009 study published by the J… [Read full blog post]

In Lake County, Florida, Dog Mauling Can Come with $10,000 Fine

County Ups the Ante Lake County, FL - Back in March, 22-year old Tracy Whigham1 suffered critical injury by two pit bulls while out for a jog. The pit bull owners were fined $168. Commissioner Elaine Renick had wanted to take stronger action against the pit bull owners, but was stopped by existing law. Animal Services Director Marjorie Boyd reminded Renick, "The penalty for an animal injuring someone is the same under our county ordinance as if the animal tears up your trash." B… [Read full blog post]