3-Year Old Girl Airlifted After Backyard Breeder's Pit Bull Attacks

From left: Natylee Murphy before the pit bull attack and after (click to enlarge). From left: Kortnie Murphy and the two pit bulls left at the backyard breeder's home. Mother Shares Photos UPDATE 09/17/09: The mother of the victim, Kortnie Murphy, has shared photos of her daughter with the media. Little Natylee has had five surgeries and more than a thousand stitches to repair severe tissue damage after a pit bull named "Tank" latched onto her face. Kortnie told reporters, "T… [Read full blog post]

U.S. Marine Corps Bans Pit Bulls and Other Breeds; Policy Affects All Privatized Housing

Marine Corps Pet PolicyVirginia - Following the April action of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, which banned pit bulls, rottweilers, wolf hybrids and their mixes from base housing and prohibited visitors from bringing them onto base, the U.S. Marine Corps recently adopted the same policy for all U.S. and overseas Marine Corps installations. The new uniform pet policy cites similar language as spoken by base commanding officer Col. Richard P. Flatau Jr. following Camp Le… [Read full blog post]

The Pit Bull Bite: Pet Pit Bull Bites Off Owner's Hand

Victim in ICU Paradise Township, PA - In a developing story, a pet pit bull severed the hand of its owner. Police found 48-year old John M. Venezia lying in his hallway unconscious with his hand bitten off. State police shot and killed the pit bull when it lunged at an officer trying to give aid to Venezia. The victim was taken by ambulance to Pocono Medical Center where he remains in intensive care. There is no question that had police not arrived when they did, Venezia would have bl… [Read full blog post]

Elderly Woman Suffers Broken Hip and Crushed Wrist After Pit Bull Attack

"Non Bite" Injury Rantoul, IL - Children and the elderly are the most frequent victims of serious dog bite injury. Unlike attacks on children, attacks on the elderly and senior citizens are often less publicized. Older citizens injured in dog attacks do not heal at the same rate as children and often suffer complications, such as infection, after the initial bite injury. Older citizens also suffer devastating "non bite" injuries, such as the aftermath of being "knocked to t… [Read full blog post]