2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 23-Month Old Toddler Killed by Family Pit Bull

Jasmine Deane, 23-months old, was mauled to death by her family's chained pit bull. Victim Identified UPDATE 09/29/09: The toddler killed by a family dog in Orange County has been named. Investigators say 23-month old Jasmine Deane died after being bitten several times by a pit bull on Sunday. No charges have been filed in the case, but the Orange County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate. Mike Hicks, the victim's cousin, told reporters, "Friendly dog, I mean, I… [Read full blog post]

Announcement: Fourth Quarter 2009 Priorities

DogsBite.org - From now through the end of the year, we will post about one blog post1 per week. All other resources will be devoted to completing the 2005 dog bite fatality documentation, rewriting important static web pages and continuing to track 2009 pit bull attacks and police shootings of pit bulls. As this work is accomplished, we will post notices of it. DogsBite.org is a volunteer organization and we appreciate all donations to help us in our mission. 1All fatal dog at… [Read full blog post]

I.I.I. Study Shows Dog Bite Claims Cost Nearly $390 Million Annually

How to Interpret? A recent study by the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) shows dog bite claims cost nearly $390 million annually. According to the study, dog bites account for one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claims, costing $387.20 million in 2008, up 8.70 percent from 2007. Since 2003, the average cost of these claims ($24,461 in 2008) has risen nearly 28 percent. Additionally, the number of claims has increased 8.89 percent to 15,823 in 2008 fro… [Read full blog post]

Nebraska Humane Society Describes Pit Bull Injury as 'Mutilation'

Joyce Hayne in her hospital bed, pit bull owner Eraina Stubblefield and Sgt. Stubby1. Doctor's Save Leg UPDATE 09/21/09: Doctors were able to save Joyce Haynes' badly injured leg with a wound described as "large as a fist" in her left calf. Haynes said that she will need skin graft surgery to repair the damage. Despite this recent attack, Mark Langan of the Nebraska Humane Society says pit bull bites are down since new laws went into effect last year (including breed-specific p… [Read full blog post]

3-Year Old Girl Airlifted After Backyard Breeder's Pit Bull Attacks

From left: Natylee Murphy before the pit bull attack and after (click to enlarge).From left: Kortnie Murphy and the two pit bulls left at the backyard breeder's home. Mother Shares Photos UPDATE 09/17/09: The mother of the victim, Kortnie Murphy, has shared photos of her daughter with the media. Little Natylee has had five surgeries and more than a thousand stitches to repair severe tissue damage after a pit bull named "Tank" latched onto her face. Kortnie told reporters, "T… [Read full blog post]

U.S. Marine Corps Bans Pit Bulls and Other Breeds; Policy Affects All Privatized Housing

Marine Corps Pet PolicyVirginia - Following the April action of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, which banned pit bulls, rottweilers, wolf hybrids and their mixes from base housing and prohibited visitors from bringing them onto base, the U.S. Marine Corps recently adopted the same policy for all U.S. and overseas Marine Corps installations. The new uniform pet policy cites similar language as spoken by base commanding officer Col. Richard P. Flatau Jr. following Camp Le… [Read full blog post]