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9 thoughts on “Has Anyone Ever Been Charged with Armed Robbery By Cocker Spaniel?

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  1. In the pit bull disaster in the United States I do believe most people now would not compare the pit bull to a Chihuahua. However, in Indianapolis Dr. Philip Borst, a veterinarian, who once led the City County Council once made the analogy. It is so insulting and insensitive to people who have lived in fear in the neighborhoods not to mention mauling victims. He needs to apologize to the citizens of Indianapolis—which will not come.
    This man who is active with veterinarians also needs to apologize for his profession and the lack of concern for human beings in the pit bull fiasco.

  2. Pit Bulls and crime go together like Pork chops and apple sauce!

    Hardly surprising since breeding standards are controlled by criminals…

  3. While a sensible person may not make the ridiculous analogy, it seems many humane and vet groups still do. Who are the first people that city councils look toward when they are dealing with a pit bull problem? Humane and vet groups! These folks are called "Executive Directors" and "Doctors." Did you read what Reel said? "Ms. Reel said she hopes the city doesn't focus on a specific breed of dog because pit bulls are not by breed aggressive…She said Chihuahuas and other small dogs are often very aggressive, too." This is exactly why felons use Chihuahuas to attack people!

  4. If you look at the propaganda on dog fighter lobbying sites, and I'm talking hard core fighting and breeding people, you will see the words of Anne Reel and Carol Jones and people like them. That is because Reel and Jones got their propaganda FROM dog fighters and breeders who are making up stories to protect their financial interests in pit bulls.

    Reel, Jones, and the rest are parrotting some very hardcore and dangerous people, and their lobbyists.

    People like Reel and Jones have no business in a public servant position, involved in any way with public safety.

    Reel and Jones, and the other pit bull promoters, need to go work for the dog men and fighters and breeeders if they want to lobby and lie for pit bulls.

    They are abusing their positions, and are a menace to the communities they live in.

  5. When you see the chihuahua story, that is dog fighter talk. Directly. The chihuahua analogy was made up by the fighters and breeders.

    It is of course ridiculous, but when they can get middle class naive souls to witlessly repeat it, the dog fighters and breeders get some help in their zeal to fight regulation and keep the breeding and fighting going strong.

    (Also when they get veterinarians and dog trainers etc that make money directly from breeders, and are willing to be the parrots and propagandizers.)

  6. Why is it not okay to say pit bulls are aggressive (which they are genetically) but perfectly acceptable to say all other breeds are?

    And the kicker is a well-bred pit bull would not be overly friendly to humans. Shows you just how poor the breed as a whole really is.

  7. You will also see AKC breeders parrotting the dog fighters propaganda.

    Some AKC related lobbying groups, like NAIA, are revealed as representing the fighters and dog men's interests on their own web sites!

    AKC, thanks to their puppy mill business and Staffordshire terrier (pit bull) business, and general like of running unlicensed businesses with no accountability, also opposes any kind of canine regulation.

    AKC spends a large amount of money every year on lobbyists and lobbying.

    They also share some lobbyists with the dog fighters.

    And each AKC breeder is a foot soldier for the overall AKC financial interests, and pick up and spout the lobbying propaganda given to them to repeat.

    Some that are running shelters or working in the "humane" field are AKC breeders and lobbyists, and they misuse their positions to lobby for the business interests of the overall dog breeder lobby.

    Some of these breeders also get onto these citizen animal control advisory boards, and use these boards to lobby for dog breeder interests, and get people that are sympathetic to dog breeders hired into animal control positions.

    Since the No Kill faction is also working with dog breeder lobbies now, some of these breeder lobbyists are hiding under the No Kill label to do their breeder lobbying business

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