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20 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks Owner 24 Hours After Adoption from Humane Group

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  1. Sure enough, Kootenai Humane society is a "No Kill" shelter.

    "No Kill" advocates placing aggressive dogs.

  2. More on Eric Hess, the "behaviorist" that the Kootenai Humane Society hires.

    He's a pit bull lobbyist.

    "Eric Hess. I am an Animal Behavior Specialist, and a Professional Dog Trainer and KNOW that BSL is WRONG!!! They need to do there research on the breed…. "

  3. Bwaaaaaaaaaaa-hahahaha! Idiots!

    Who's dumber in this story about Dumb and Dumber – the agency that tested and passed this mauler, or the dope that adopted a pit bull?


  4. "There needs to be more research on the breed"

    Thanks Eric…

    You just added another data point! Unfortunately, Eric didn't take this mauling.

  5. Animal Control or Humane Societies wield a lot of power when it comes to deciding what happens to a dog when t shows its first instance of problem behavior. Unfortunately, people drawn to the field are no more expert on which dogs can be trusted not to attack than anyone else. I watched a television show recently following Miami Dade's animal control officer. They took in a vicious rott and then decided to rehabilitate for adoption. The officer gets attacked and bitten by this rott twice on camera in the course of weeks of trying to retrain the dog. But even then, this full grown man still presses on in having the dog adopted out. And its all on camera! The officer's perspectiv is that his job is to rescue and protect animals. He never mentions his duty to protect the children that may one day live next door to this crazy rott. Just shows you the mentality of the supposed good guys that you call to help you when a dog attacks.

  6. Good point about this being a dog attack on a person.

    Kootenal and other Humane Society that love to adopt out pits, should have a vet remove most/all of dogs teeth before placement. It could save lives. They can still pat thier backs on saving thier killer wiggle butt doggies!


  7. Eric Hess is called a "behavioral specialist" in this article. What does that mean? It doesn't say he has a degree as a behaviorist. Who is he? What are his real credentials? Remember, there is no real regulation or oversight in the area of dog training and humane advocacy; many people who are considered "experts" on pit bulls are simply self-declared "experts". Remember the founders of Bad Rap? They have no education or training in animal behavior or dog training, yet are frequently quoted as nation wide experts on pit bulls by media sources….simply because they own and rescue them.

    Eric Hess could be a 20 something humane worker whose taken a mail order course in dog training, or simply a volunteer who was "certified" as an evaluator through an internet humane advocacy group. The public has got to stop trusting the so-called humane "experts", because they are often not experts at all.

  8. The pit nutters are jumping all over the statement that this guy lied about other dogs. So what? I'm quite sure if he was told the pit was dog aggressive, he would not have taken it home to the other dogs. And if it was a another dog that "provoked" the attack, why didn't the pit attack the other dog, not the human? I can't believe they went so far as to post a criminal record online to prove the victim is the one in the wrong.

  9. From what I have read, the humane society adopted his two other dogs to him! They knew he had other dogs. I think this is Eric Hess playing games to save his butt.

    (I still don't understand what the other dog issue means to these people. The pit bull did not attack a dog. It attacked a poerson, unprovoked.)

  10. Once again…Why is explosive Dog considered safe and manageable?

    Which community in the US is dogless enough to allow one of these poor creatures to exist in safely?!

    Breeding for DA is NOT OKAY!!!

  11. Blame the victim is the name of the pit nutter game. In their usual fashion, their arguments are completely self-contradictory. They claim on one hand that dog aggression isn't dangerous for people, that human aggressive dogs were always culled. On the other hand, they are blaming this man's attack on the fact that he had other dogs. So which is it, pit nutters? Dog aggression isn't dangerous for humans, or dog aggression triggers redirected attacks on humans? You can't have it both ways. If you're claiming the former, then you can't blame the victim. If you're claiming the latter, then you're saying what those of us who are truly educated about this breed have said from day one. Dog aggression is NOT SAFE for HUMANS.

  12. Does their response mean that they agree with the proposition that pit bulls should never be owned or possessed by a person who either owns, possesses, or may temporarily possess another animal? What about placement in a home where there may be other domesticated animals in close proximity?

    Someone please tell me that these pit bulls are evaluated for their tendencies towards aggression towards other animals/dogs? The AKC Good Citizen Test requires this to be evaluated; Is this evaluator simply incompetent?

    The information from this case should be distributed wide and far to show the dangers of relying upon such "temperment evaluations"!
    This is why most animal control agencies will not allow pit bulls to be adopted out – especially when there is an incomplete history of the dog available.

  13. I can't believe I found this site. I have HAD IT with reading about pit bulls mutilating children. I have kept a close eye on pit bulls since I read about an attack to a baby, when my first baby was born in 2000. Again and again and again I read the same story over and over and no one seems to care. I post about it on line and everyone makes excuses for these dogs. So many children have had their lives ruined or ended by these damn dogs. I hate seeing them in our neighborhood. Because of them I no longer enjoy strolls around the block. They are like a terrorist. No one knows when they might kill and destroy. They MUST be banned or restricted. They are ruining our communities.

  14. Gretchen, the problem is that pit bull breeder/dog fighter lobbies are well-organized and blast the media and legislators with propaganda and lies about pit bulls to oppose regulation.

    But if you talk to a sympathetic legislator, and direct them to this site, things CAN change.

    Unfortunately it will probably take a terrible mauling or death in your area to change it, but do your research and jump on it when something happens. Find some willing participants in your area. Educate your legislators. Show them how the breeder lobbies deceive and lie.

    The breeders don't want regulations because they want to keep making a lot of money from these dogs! And they don't pay taxes on that income either.

  15. There is no talking common sense to pit nutters, Gretchen. We've all tried. They will not budge. Some don't even budge when their own pit bull kills or maims someone, even if when it is a family member. It's disgusting, and sickening. I am glad to see the above reports of municipalities seeing through all the pit nutter nonsense and passing effective laws against these abberrations (sp?). That's the only thing that will stop the carnage.

  16. Gretchen, We prefer the term "Canine IED"….Welcome!


  17. Sadly, these so called "pit" owners just do not get it…these dogs were bred for one thing, and that is to fight to the death, they are unmatched for strength and aggression, the breed needs to be erradicated, no one should own these dogs without a license. I owned one in the 1980's and it was the worst experience I ever had, and I never did anything to encourage aggression, the dog I owned killed numerous pets from age 3 months on. It was a liability. I had it put to sleep gladly before it killed a child or another person!

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