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5 thoughts on “Pit Bull 'Redirects' Attack onto Owner in Greeley, Colorado

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  1. This is why it is important not to breed and sell Canine IEDs…At least this dumbass and disloyal mauler revealed itself to be a public safety threat by chewing on its owner.

    This one needs a cullin’!

  2. And it is very clear that “straw men” are being set up to get their names on the lawsuit paper work INSTEAD of the dog breeders and breeder lobbyists that are behind these lawsuits.

  3. Pit bull owners, the only dog owners stupid enough to need protection from themselves. Let’s not forget that one of the most recent explosive maulers mauled its owner before going on to attack his girlfriend, two of their friends, and a police officer. It doesn’t matter WHO the victim of the dog attack is, owner or not. Dogs that attack humans should be put down.

  4. Why did AC agree to let this man keep his dog in quarantine after it attacked him? This sounds like a safety issue to me.

  5. More pit bulls attacking their owners:

    Kentwood couple staying in truck with five pitbulls are bitten after dogs started fighting
    “KENTWOOD – A couple staying in a truck with five pitbulls were injured Sunday morning after attempting to break up a fight between the dogs.

    Floyd “Al” Griffin, 53, said his son, Chris Griffin, 29, had been living in a Jeep Grand Cherokee truck for about a month with the dogs he identified as Sweet Pea, Rudy, Izzi, Cowboy and Annie.

    Kentwood Police Sgt. Douglas Wegener said Chris Griffin received several deep bites on his arm, and the woman, Jacqueline Potts, 20, suffered a broken wrist. There were no life-threatening injuries.”

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