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11 thoughts on “Pit Bull Forum Shuts Down; Cites Liabilities and Risks

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  1. If it’s a joke, well, what a nice way to treat your members?! You need to be pretty pissed off at them to pull a stunt like this. Seems like a brutal power play to me, and as said above, “a slimy hit up for cash gifts.”

  2. But I’m sure they are still trying to solicit “donations” from their audience.

    With a “see, this could happen if you don’t give us money” thing

  3. Ha Ha! Good one!…A pit Nutter using terms like “Liability” and “Risk” had to be a joke!

  4. Couple of other forums reported that the admin wanted to give the mods a day off.

    I am sure they are all tuckered out from defending their little wiggle butts. That’s an exhausting job, requiring 24/7 diligence.

  5. I’m guessing its a ploy to get donations…but, seriously, we all know how many dog fighters and bybers are members of these pit forums. Pit bull breeding and fighting is associated with a whole host of criminal activity.

    Who really knows what is going on? Are the owners/members under investigation for illegal activities? It seems like a really wierd and creepy joke to play on forum members, but this is the pit community we are talking about, so I can’t be too surprised.

  6. I believe there were some puppy mill regulation hearings held in a couple of states on April 1.

    I’m sure the AKC breeders involved with that site needed to go fight against puppy mill regulation for the AKC Puppy Mill Registration Division.

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