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6 thoughts on “2-Year Old Akron Girl Attacked by Loose Pit Bull in Backyard

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  1. It’s Ohio…so you forgot:

    Legally declared viscous dog…Check!

    $100,000 Liability insurance…oops!

    Obviously, since the perp “Dined and dashed” he doesn’t have the state mandate insurance. Forethought of Malice!

    Too bad he can’t be chained to a giant treadmill generating electricity for the community until the girls medical bills are paid.

  2. I can hear the pit nutters already…

    “I was bitten by coonhound”

    “If that pit bull REALLY wanted to do damage, it would have.”

    “She must have provoked it.”


    I clicked on the “Level 5 Mauling” link. It took me took me to an article titled “How to Assess the Severity of a Dog Bite”. It was written by Jeff Millman, owner of the website and a dog trainer who studied at “the famous Academy for Dog Training in San Francisco, with the phenomenal trainer Jean Donaldson”. I am familiar with this dog training school and I have often heard it referred to as the HARVARD of dog training schools.

    The first paragraph of the article:

    “I had a new client yesterday that was very upset because their 5-year-old dog bit their one-year-old baby in the face. My client felt terrible because in hindsight she understands that the situation could have been avoided. The dog is a little shy to begin with, and he got cornered in the bathroom by the energetic baby. The baby ignored the signals of discomfort exhibited by the dog and approached anyway. The dog bit the baby in the face causing bruising, but no blood, tearing or puncture wounds.”

    “The dog is a little shy to begin with, and he got cornered in the bathroom by the energetic baby. The baby ignored the signals of discomfort exhibited by the dog and approached anyway.”

    The baby IGNORED the signals. Not ‘the baby was unable to read the signals’ but the baby IGNORED the signals. Yes, I realize that I only have a non-Harvard 4 yr year college degree but correct me if I am wrong in my assumption that a ONE YEAR OLD child is INCAPABLE of reading dog behavior.

    I guess even at the most prestigious of dog training schools, they teach that it is critical to deflect ALL blame to the victim. Protect the dog at all costs.

    My point is this, even the so-called “best” dog trainers have zero integrity and are masters of spin.

    As for Jeff Millman, what a narcissistic ass.

    “I am proud to say I was voted one of the Best Dog Trainers in Chicago and get most of my business from client referrals.”

    uh-oh, there’s that PRIDE again.
    Pride (or hubris or “vanity”) is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and indeed the ultimate source from which the others arise. It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to acknowledge the good work of others, and excessive love of self.

    Be sure to check out Jeff’s dog training business @
    Now offering pre-school and infant dog behavior classes!
    Reserve space early, classes taught the master fill up fast!

  4. Felony, this “dog training” thing is usually a big cover for DOG BREEDERS looking out for their business interests.

    You exposed exactly the hypocrisy and insanity.

    There are no real accreditations for ANY dog trainer, and the people who tend to go into dog training are either a) disturbed losers (washed out of other trades, like massage therapy) who are scamming clients with big promises or b) DOG BREEDERS or DOG FIGHTERS (or those connected to such) who are hiding their financial interests and lobbying activity by pretending to be “experts” (but all the while protecting breeder interests.)

    A lot of these AKC types call themselves “dog trainers.” They make appearances in front of legislators as “dog trainers” without admitting their real, bised business interests. It is also useful for them as they hide their real business (breeding and sales) and the tax fraud they engage in with their “real” businesses.

  5. The entire dog industry is a big unregulated mess:

    Breeders can produce unlimited defective maulers with zero liability.

    Anyone can claim to be a Dog Trainer

    Anyone can produce a Therapy Dog

    Anyone can claim a dog to be a Service Animal

    Any idiot can seek out a Pit Bull, claim to be a responsible owner, then feign shock when the mauling occurs.

    Animal Control is a zero accountability field in most places.

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