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8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Invades Home in Oklahoma, Bites Woman, Kills Cat

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  1. The American Canine Foundation, mentioned here with Jim Crosby, is a pit bull BREEDER business lobby.

  2. If this pit bull had been euthanized when it attacked the Pomeranian, then this near miss would never have happpened for this mother and baby.

    Most pit bulls that kill humans start by being aggressive to or killing other pets.

  3. Now there’s an invented excuse… Seizures! (Buppppph!)

    These people have been so busy ramming the, “it’s all in how they’re raised,” nonsense down peoples’ throats, that when their own pit turned they had to invent a reason. Heaven forbid they’re accused of mistreating the dog and making it mean, or otherwise eating their own words.

    It was… Seizures! (LMAO!)

  4. my question is this: in that this dog had attacked and killed before – why wasn’t the owner penalized? His name is not even revealed.

  5. Good old White Wash Jimmy, now this is a nutter that I just never tire of hearing about. I wonder where he’s been?
    He hasn’t updated his blog since January 2008. I have been biting my nails waiting for him to evaluate the 2008 fatalities. He must have used up all of his dog aggression excuses or maybe he is still licking his wounds from his last court appearance or maybe he is a leap year dog aggression “expert” and he will reappear in 2012.

  6. Why are the pit bull owners being protected? Why is the local media so lazy? If there is a police report, anyone can go to the police station and get it. People have a right to know who owns these dogs, so they can avoid these homes. I know a woman who just realized that she sent her small child to a classmates home for a playdate, not knowing the woman had a pit bull. When she found out, she swore her child would NEVER go to that home again.

    Why aren’t insurance carriers following the news reports of dangerous dog maulings, then searching their databases and denying homeowners insurnace to these people?

  7. I have a Facebook page called The Truth About the Lexus Project. Jim Crosby was the expert witness in a bite case (Phineas the lab) in Salem Mo. He and his mentor Kenneth Corhn excluded the dog as the biter. I have proven their reports are bogus due to to the fact they placed the overlay of the dog's teeth (I believe purposely) in the wrong orientation. The judge ruled, in error, to return the dog to the family based mostly on their report, after ruling for the city a few months earlier, The families of the little victim were harrassed, slandered and threatened (a phone death threat to the mother at her business) by Tlp supporters for fourteen months.

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