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12 thoughts on “Owner of Killed Cat Calls Pit Bull's Bite: "Death Grip"

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  1. What would REALLY be interesting is getting hold of some statistics on breeds OTHER than pits that ENTER into a stranger’s home to attack and kill animals.


  2. How are we ever to protect ourselves, our children and our beloved animals from these monsters? My horse KC was killed by the neighbors pit bulls Nov.’08… in the arena…about 200 yards from my house. Since then I carry a loaded gun every time I walk anywhere around my property or in the neighborhood (rural county). What I don’t do is carry one around…INSIDE MY OWN FRIGGIN HOUSE!!!!

  3. Ft. Lupton Pit Bull Ban Reports "0" Pit Bull Bites Since Ban Enactment 2003:

    The city looked at the legislation of other cities and decided to zero in on specific types of pit bulls, including American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and dogs that display the majority of the physical traits of any of these breeds. In addition, existing pit bull owners were allowed to keep their dogs through a permitting process, something Crespin said was important so pets were not taken from families when the policy was implemented.

    Fort Lupton Police Chief Ron Grannis said the city hasn’t had a pit bull bite since the ban was enacted, but it still has the occasional pit bull that is picked up and taken away. Although he said the ban has not been well-received by every resident, he thinks it was the right decision for the city.

  4. Our family cat who we have had for 19 years was brutally attacked two weeks ago by a pitbull on our property. it literaly tore down the side of our fence, the three owners could not pull him off and every bone in our cats body broke and his throat was crushed, he could not close his mouth and laid there in agony. It turned out the dog got out and the owners were looking for him and saw him attacking our cat and went to try to grab it off. The dog had no collar on it so the only way they got him off was when the cat stopped moving, it took three of them a 1/2 an hour to calm it down enough to pick up and take to a car while the rest of us(we had a bunch of family over including my 3 year old son who loved that cat) to watch through the window in horror and do nothing in fear of being atacked ourselves. My sistere and I had to take Simba-our cat to the vet to have him put down knowing there was no hope, he didn’t make it through the car ride and was gone before we got there. Our cat did not deserve to die that way. I understand the relationship between cats and dogs I get that, but our dogs can be controlled. I can yank my pomeraninan off of a cat if it attacked and I keep collars on them to assist with that if needed. This Pit had no collar, it had gotten out the day before and crashed a kids birthday party, it didn’t just chase our cat it ripped through our property like a beast. My three year old son was back there if he had attempted to help the cat what do you think that Pit would have done? There are many people who think they can tame wild animals too….and for a while they do but it does not mean they should. I have a respect for pitbulls but the kind of respect they deserve in knowing they cannot be tamed in the sense that pit owners try to tell themselves they can be.The dog was listed as a category 5, police were on scene, to see Simba broken with his jaw broken and unable to close his mouth, our fence ripped down ( we did not have an unstable fence either),they took pictures, and animal control came out and listed the Pit as a category 5. We were just told that the Pit who had no collar and roamed the streets on at least two occassions and no proof of rabies who had just destroyed our property and killed our cat will get out and be returned to its family with the owners paying for a $125 permit for having a dangerous animal and pay a $525 fine. My question is will nothing change until a child is killed or attacked?

  5. The law likely will not change until MANY MANY children are maimed and killed. You can toss the “one” child hurt or killed idea into the trashcan.

  6. A neighbor's pitbull viciously killed one of my kittens yesterday. The foolish owner unchained the dog,allowing that deadly beast to run free. The dog raced over to my house,charged onto the front porch and grabbed my kitten. Neighbors were kicking the dog,but he wouldn't let go of the kitten. By time the idiot owner made the dog let go,my kitten was dead. Something needs to be done about those vicious animals.

  7. My 10 yo calico, Katie, was just mauled to death by two pitbulls on my front lawn yesterday! My Lord, when is this ever going to end?!? Animal Control never came out because it was a Sunday. The owner (the freaking idiot) spent the day looking for the evil beasts. Neighbors were "up in arms" and pulling their kids and pets off the streets as well as getting their guns for protection. Animal Control called him Monday morning and cited him and told him to "board" his dogs until the hearing. AC said this was NOT the first complaint regarding this owner or the two dogs (which the jerk is breeding and has four puppies)! SO WHY DO THEY KEEP GIVING THEM BACK TO HIM? Put these beasts down already! I love animals of all kinds but when a dog kills or mames another animal or a human, then it needs to be put-down!!! My cat was on our front porch minding her own business. These beasts came from over 3 miles away from another subdivision to kill my sweet Katie. I will definitely be at the hearing AND I am going to make this owner "pay through the nose" if it will finally make it sink into his thick skull that he SUCKS as a pet owner and should NEVER be allowed to own even a pet rock!!!!

    Pitbulls should be immediately sterelized so new owners cannot continue to breed them at will.

  8. I am in tears reading all the horror stories as I just lost my second cat in 2 years to roaming Pitbulls that came onto our property and did what they do best,KILL!! My Bully was still alive but went into the woods behind our house to die. I searched 10hrs the first day and several hrs everyday since but still no Bully and no body to recover and give proper burial

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