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12 thoughts on “What's There 'Not to Get' About Regulating Pit Bulls?

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  1. Want to know a funny (sick) thing

    There is a pair of women who are involved in primate as pets sales

    Simply Simian. Looks like they got in trouble as their website was cancelled.

    They organized a cross-America tour in an RV to protest things like BSL, puppy mill regulations, etc

    Why would primate dealers be involved in lobbying for the dog breeding industry?

    Many of these “animal use” industries lobby together against any kind of regulation whatsoever.

    They want nop rules, no laws to interrupt the cash flow.

    They don’t care if what they do and the animals they breed and sell kill others.

    It’s a strange, radical business- these animal breeders. A real dirty underbelly of the country that not many people know about.

  2. They called themselves the Granny Warriors.

    One of their activities was throwing rocks.

    Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

    These animal breeders are off the wall.

    That’s why logic never works with these people. They are just deranged and selfish. They don’t care about anything other than the money.

    So they make up a continuous stream of lies to oppose regulation and keep on cashing in.

  3. These people that own monkey’s and other wild animals believe they can put a dangerous animal in their house with their children because people own pit bulls too and they can kill. In fact, they like to point out, loads of people are bitten by dogs each year and nobody says anything about that.

  4. More pit bull-chimp references and local governments taking action:

    Local gov’ts confront dangerous pets

    After Kano, a 70-pound pit bull, attacked a 4-year-old girl in Salisbury, Md., last year, animal control officers for the first time invoked a local law that allows the county to euthanize dogs after vicious attacks…

    Local governments are confronting dangerous pets in different ways. Some seek outright bans of certain dog breeds or exotic animals, while others force pet owners to buy costly pet insurance or impose strict rules.

  5. I’m writing my congressmembers today and asking they do the same for another dangerous animal – the pit bull.

  6. “They organized a cross-America tour in an RV to protest things like BSL, puppy mill regulations, etc

    Why would primate dealers be involved in lobbying for the dog breeding industry?”

    Because they know if pits are banned, they will be to. And rightfully so. If nothing else, anyone who owns these animals should forfeit their right to privacy – their name and address and what animal they own should be public knowledge.

  7. Primate and pit bull dealers and owners have MUCH in common, so much in fact, that pit bull lobbying groups (ACF, Glen Bui) even bamboozled the wolf hybrid owners out of money with “promises” to get wolf-hybrid/exotic laws changed.

    “As you know, several people began a project with an organization called ACF, which is headed by Glen Bui. They had many victories against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation: at least we thought so). Glen has been acting more and more evasive and erratic in the past couple of weeks. Some of us started trying to verify the victories that ACF (WAF at the time) had and they were either overblown or non-existent…”

    The National Wolf Dog Alliance, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2003

    Primate and pit bull dealers and owners buddy up to help stop laws designed to regulate both types of animals. They also lie and steal money from each other.

    Looks like Bui is still on the Board of Directors:

  8. Easy…They don’t want to lose the dangerous monkey and pit bull markets.

    A few weeks ago a 3 year old boy was attacked and nearly consumed by a misunderstood 17 ft python his parents kept aa a pet.

    The local exotic snake merchant went to the media and actually threw pit bulls under the bus using the dangerous dog lobby’s talking points. It was amusing.

  9. Florida exotic laws are insane!

    Susan Williams lives among cattle ranches and a growing number of new homes. So she was more than a little surprised a couple years ago when rumors circulated that her neighbor had a tiger and a grizzly bear on his Okeechobee property.

    Williams’ curiosity led her to call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Sure enough, the neighbor had permits for a tiger, a grizzly and four other bears…

    …Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, said she worries wildlife officials will appease animal owners by relaxing a law that requires those who exhibit exotic animals to carry a $10,000 bond to pay for damages.

    Big Cat Rescue is aware of 584 incidents since 1990 involving captive exotic cats in the U.S. Those confrontations resulted in the deaths of 16 adults and five children, along with the mauling of 193 people.

    16 deaths in 20 years. Pit bulls kill more people in a single year.

  10. Family of Woman Mauled by Chimp Sues Chimp Owner for $50 Million

    “Stamford, CN – The family of a woman mauled by a chimpanzee filed a lawsuit seeking $50 million in damages against the primate’s owner, saying she was negligent and reckless for lacking the ability to control “a wild animal with violent propensities.” Attorneys for Charla Nash, who remains in critical condition, filed the lawsuit against Sandra Herold late Monday in Superior Court in Stamford.”

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