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7 thoughts on “Zupf: Pit Bulls Stay with Owners After Killing Family's Cat and Dog

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  1. But a a law like that basically turns our dogs into guinea pigs. Aggression to animals usually happens before aggression to people. So it may make it saver for people but not for dogs.

  2. Agreed Mrs. Poodle. But Florida is restricted to non-breed specific laws. Broward’s new law is a “One Strike” rule. Once a dog kills a person’s pet, that’s it; it’s euthanized. There’s no second chance to attack.

    In the video, you can see that a different county in Florida has not adopted this law. Jacksonville likely has a 2 or 3 strike law. So even after the pit bulls killed this family’s dog and cat, the animals were returned to their owners (so that they can attack and kill more animals)…

    So in essence, Broward’s law does help protect against future animal attacks. At least it does so better than Jacksonville’s current law, which mirrors thousands of other U.S. city laws.

  3. “The owners gave up one dog, but refused to part with their pit bulls.” I assume the dog they gave up was another breed. If these owners won’t fight for their own dog like they would a pit bull, what makes animal control think they would ever care about anyone else’s pet?

  4. This is reminscient of when frustated dogfighter CZ Bennett created the UKC registry. Pit Bulls would only be granted papers after three documented kills in the fighting pit. Obviously, these deviants believe they’ve struck gold with class A breeding stock.

  5. On Wednesday June 24th at around 4pm in Buena Ventura Lakes Kissimmee a horrific dog attack happened. My mother had just let our dog out to go pee on her leash outside and heard a commotion at the front of the house. A lady was screaming because 7 Pit bull dogs were trying to get her baby and her dog. She threw the baby in a nearby truck flatbed and raced to my mother's house as the dogs were attacking her. Mom tried to let the poor lady into her house but the dogs tried to get in. My seven yr old niece was in the house terrified. The injured lady took the opportunity to jump into a nearby car (and was taken to a hospital and her dog had major surgery for it‘s injuries). Mom called the Osceola County sheriff’s dept. There was a commotion then at the back of the house where the 7 horrible pit bulls attacked our dog Pumpkin who had just been attached to her leash to go pee. They ravaged her for over 45 minutes. My mom tried to shoo then away with a broom but tried to attack my mom. Mom was on the phone with the police and it took 45 minutes for them to get there and then an additional 10-15 for Animal control to arrive and get the animals off our poor Pumpkin.
    The owners of the dogs continually had left them to wander the neighborhood but when questioned by the police stated that they never let them out. The largest dog was taken by Osceola Animal Control but the owners were allowed to keep the other killers.The owners of the dogs had promised to have them all euthanized but on June 25th they said that they were selling “things” to make money to pay for our vet bill as well as the other lady’s bills. The “things” that they were selling are the dogs that viciously killed our dog. None of them have been euthanized.

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