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5 thoughts on “Fatal and Serious Dog Attacks in Georgia (2006-2008)

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  1. Georgia’s governor, Sonny Purdue is a Veterinarian and a member of the AVMA.

    It seems as though Georgia has a Level 5/6 mauling problem…and poor “Beast” is still out there somewhere!

  2. Georgia Wolf-hybrid Law:

    Possession of wolves and wolf Hybrids is prohibited in the state; they are defined as “Wild Animals.”
    “Wild animal” means any animal which is not wildlife and is not normally a domestic species in this state. This term specifically includes any hybrid or cross between any combination of a wild animal, wildlife, and a domestic animal. Offspring from all subsequent generations of such crosses or hybrids are wild animals.
    28-5-4(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to import, transport, transfer, sell, purchase or possess any wild animal … without first obtaining a wild animal license from the department… (b) Wild animal licenses will be issued only to persons engaged in the wholesale or retail wild animal business or persons exhibiting wild animals to the public.”
    “… except that any person possessing hybrid crosses between wolves and domestic animals on July 1, 1994 shall have until July 1, 1995 to apply for a fee-exempt permit to possess these animals as pets; provided, however, that the said hybrid is sexually neutered; provided, further, that it shall be unlawful to transfer possession or ownership of said hybrid without prior written approval from the department. Liability insurance shall not be mandatory for wolf hybrids possessed under this fee-exempt permit

  3. Wanna bet there is a correlation between dog fighting states and the number of pit bull attacks?

  4. The AVMA has come down on the side of animal abusers over and over again.

    They go where the money is. A widely recognized corrupt organization.

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