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9 thoughts on “Dog Owner Escapes Payment by Seeking Bankrupcty Protection

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  1. This is precisely why the laws have to change and why the mantras of pit bull advocates are so hollow.

    “Punish the deed, not the breed?”

    So pit bull advocates, tell me, what have you done to assure justice for this victim? What have pit bull advocates done to change the law so this doesn’t happen again, rather than over-and-over again?

    The answer: Nothing!

    My answer: Abrogate the pit bull from society. Remove the source. It isn’t perfect but it’s direct and it works.

  2. Well, the pit-bull advocate mantra, “Punish the irresponsible owner”, doesn’t really fly anymore. In Texas, they have Lillians law, and people whose dogs have killed have gone to prison; in other places in the U.S., dog owners have been held criminally liable for damages inflicted by their dogs. It hasn’t made one bit of difference in reducing attacks. The types of people who own pit bulls either:

    A. Don’t care if their dog hurts someone


    B: Don’t believe their dog could ever hurt someone

    Pit bull advocates need to articulate their position…how will punishing owners help the victims? How will punishing owners act as a deterrent? They never have an answer to that. Punishing dog owners whose dogs kill someone has not been a deterrent. Attacks keep increasing, more pit bulls are tortured in the fighting pit, more family pets are slaughtered by pit bulls, more children are killed or disfigured by pit bulls….clearly breed regulation is what is needed, not meaningless rhetoric.

  3. I’m all for the “Escape from New York” plan, myself; just put them all in one contained area, both owners and the dogs, and let them all live in the hell that they’ve created.

  4. Blame the victim? Yes

    Too many out of control dogs on a property with no effective containment? Yes

    Owners “not home” at the time of the attack? Yes

    Dog owners walk away from responsibility for the physical and financial damages to the survivor? Yes

    Dog owners hand over the attacking dogs for euthanasia and they go right out and get another pack? Yes

    Dog owners go right back to their irresponsible lifestyle without another thought? Yes

    Yes, classic pit bull attack. All the bases have been covered.

  5. Cpmtact your senate, county council attend the council meetings and make your voices heard. that is precisely my intent at this point. I will not give up until there is something done to protect our family, friends and neighbors as well as our children.. What’s next to do other than lay dormant and I am not one to lay down when I have the urge to fight. Thank you all for your support in all of this.. I will fight for all of us..


    Mary Dover

  6. Good Luck Mary!

    It’s too bad we can’t strap these two pit perps on giant treadmills generating electricity until they pay off their debt to society!

  7. Sounds like the county A/C department was negligent in enforcing the Dangerous Dog laws on this one.

    Contact attorney ken Phillips as he is currently involved in a Law suit against Knox County TN. They also were negligent and Pit friendly.

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