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6 thoughts on “Deerfield Beach Boy Airlifted After Pit Bull Jumps Fence to Attack

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  1. Another pit breaks containment and administers a sustained level 5 mauling. Yet it will go into the books the same as a fear nip from a Cocker Spaniel.

    Broward County stats show Pits as the leading biter…with 400 percent more bites than the next closest breed…that doesn’t take into consideration the multiple bites either.

  2. Broward county is a blackhole of vicious pit bull attacks. They have tried to do the best they can — given that they are restricted to a prohibition of breed-specific law. They have a “1-attack and you are OUT” rule, this includes an attack on an animal.

    Legislators of Florida need to lift this prohibition and allow Broward county to effectively DEAL with the critical problem of an overpopulation of dangerous pit bulls.

  3. The Pit Nutters must hate it when counties/cities track bites by breed. In Broward the next closest breed is Labs(no such breed!) with 42 bites.

    It’s the same in Ventura County CA, Seattle and other places. The only exception is Miami Dade county where Pits are banned.

    Cocker Spaniels barely make the list despite continually being thrown under the bus by parroting nutters.

  4. Did you see this in the comments?

    “It’s the breed for sure. There is something wrong in the genetic wiring of thse dogs. My good friend had 2 pits that she raised from puppies. She pampered, loved and raised them better than any dog owner I’d ever met. The dogs were very gentle and loving, until one of the dogs turned on the other and ripped it’s throat out. It literally jumped on top of the other dog and ripped it’s throat out. The dog that had it’s throat ripped out died almost instantly, the other one had to be euthanized. Those dogs have some genetic flaw that makes them snap, I’m convinced. “

  5. It’s not a flaw, it was intentional…The Dogmen of Stafford England and the US culled thousands of dogs to make the ultimate canine gladiator!

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