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7 thoughts on “Another Attack in Mendocino County by Loose Pit Bulls

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  1. Mendocino County Animal Control is going to be responsible for someone’s death.

    They are failing to uphold the laws and protect public safety.

    Plesase, Mr Trouette, write to your county council/legislators. Put an OFFICIAL complaint on file!

    Wjhen these dogs kill someone, which will eventually happen, then Animal Control might be held responsible.

    You MUST file formal complaints with every authority you can think of. And please contact a State Rep about this situation

    These are government employees failing to do their job

    And there MUST be stronger laws put on the books in that county.

    Also please contact some newspapers about this situation

    The only way things can change is to expose the rot

  2. Mr Trouette, please consider starting a website about Mendocino County Animal Control to DOCUMENT their failures

    I am sure there are others with complaints and there are powers in numbers!

  3. It is clear that private citizens are on their own in regards to dangerous dogs. Arm yourselves properly for this war.

  4. Community Activism 101;

    1. Make sure you are registered to vote. Vote in every election.

    2. Keep written, and, if possible, film or video records of your complaint. Document every incident, time and date the dogs are loose.

    3. Organize. Speak with neighbors and other community members. Invite neighbors over for a coffee to discuss the problem; get as many people as you can to come. Also invite your local selectman or alderman for your ward or district.

    4. Contact any and all local media outlets to see if they will cover the issue. If possible start a blog or website dedicated to your cause. Encourage community members to contact you through your website.

    5. Request a meeting with your mayor. If possible, make a presentation to your BOA or selectmen. Invite the public to attend.

    6. Contact your State Rep. Make sure everyone in your group does, also.

    What I have found over the years is that public officials will not do anything unless they think that doing nothing will lose them votes….or that they could possibly be embarrassed in the future if they fail to take action. Make it absolutely clear to your public officials that you will hold them accountable if they do nothing and a child is mauled or killed. Make sure they know that if a high profile mauling occurs, you will contact the media and let them know that local and state officials were begged to do something about dangerous dogs, and did nothing.

    Ask your local officials why they continue to protect criminals and dogfighters, instead of taxpayers. Put their feet to the fire. Be the squeeky wheel. One person cannot do it alone, but a group of you can make a difference. Pit bull owners are often young people, non-voters; many have criminal records. They are not the demographic politicians want to reach. The only noise they will hear is from non-residents.

  5. Many legislators do not understand that people contacting them to support dangerous dogs are breeders and dog fighters interested in protecting PROFITS

    These breeders and dog fighters are, quite bluntly, liars and con artists who has been deceiving a long time to get their way.

    Most of them are running illegal, unlicensed businesses. Look up a few when they stand up to oppose bsl laws. Research these breeders.

  6. Fresno is having problems too:

    The cow’s mauling led to fliers posted in the area that warned, “The Fresno County Sheriff’s Department was contacted. The sheriff’s deputy has authorized Wonder Valley residents to shoot on sight any stray dogs in an effort to prevent future attacks. Make no mistake: If your dog is found roaming loose outside your property, it will be shot and/or caged and taken to the local police impound site for animals.”

    Apparently the flier was a mistake, lots of people are flipping out…scurrying about…

  7. Rural Texas town permits shooting of feral dogs
    Associated Press – December 25, 2008 5:13 PM ET
    FERRIS, Texas (AP) – The rural town of Ferris, Texas, has a dog problem.

    The lone animal control officer says as many as 100 wild dogs are on the loose in the city of 2,300 people. The town south of Dallas has become a dumping ground for unwanted pets, which breed, form packs and scavenge for food.

    Animal rights activists are up in arms over a recently approved policy that authorizes police to shoot aggressive dogs. Police Chief Frank Mooney says nobody likes it, but he says nothing else has worked. As he puts it, “You have to take care of the situation now or wait until someone’s dead.”

    The head of a group called Operation Kindness says it would be better to trap the dogs or punish the people who dump them on Ferris.
    Rural Texas town permits shooting of feral dogs

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