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8 thoughts on “Woman Saves Child; Pit Bull Owner Charged Under Lillian's Law

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  1. She is something else isn’t she? I am so proud of Bonham, Texas for honoring her for the hero that she is.

  2. Likely due to the Tanner Monk case (which I believe is being advanced to the Texas Supreme Court), many Lillian Law-based trials may be on hold.
    August 27, 2009 — "The attorney for a Fannin County man charged with four counts of attack by a dog is questioning the Constitutionality of the statutes the charges are based upon. John Hardy Taylor was charged last October with four counts of attack by a dog, which is a third degree felony. Two dogs in his truck escaped while he was in downtown Bonham. Authorities say those dogs attacked a woman and an 11 year old girl.

    He was in court Monday, but a judge postponed the trial and dismissed the jury. Taylor's attorney, Steve Miears, says Taylor is being indicted under the Texas Health and Safety Code. He is questioning whether dog owners should be held accountable if they are unaware that their dog is dangerous. Miears declined comment about whether his client knew the dogs were dangerous.

    Right now both sides will put together briefings about whether the charges are valid under the code. Taylor is set to appear in court again on November 11th. On that day, the judge will decide what direction the case should go."

  3. UPDATE January 27:

    Charges dismissed in dog attack

    "Charges against John Hardy Taylor have been dismissed by Judge Lauri Blake. Taylor was charged with four counts of attack by a dog which is a 3rd degree felony. Judge Blake ruled the charges were vague and unconstitutional. The attack was August 2008, which resulted in both a 44 year old and 11 year old being careflighted from Bonham.

    Taylor’s dogs were in the back of his truck when they began chasing 44 year old Judy Pless on her bicycle on 5th Street. An 11 year old girl was then attacked leaving the Creative Arts Center. Pless was careflighted to Parkland Hospital while the girl was careflighted to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas."

    Judge says Lillian's Law in unconstitutional.

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