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7 thoughts on “Flashback: Quarterhorse Zack, Killed by Attacking Pit Bulls

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  1. This makes me very, very angry. My heart goes out to you Lisa — and to your partner, helping neighbors and family. I can’t imagine the DUST and the CHAOS and all of the resulting injuries. I can’t imagine Zack trying to get out of his pen.

  2. Lisa, my heart breaks.

    Unfortunately, too many legislators have caved to the demands of breeders and dog fighters who only care about the money they make from these dogs.

    The breeder lobby comes up with terrible propaganda (such as ridiculous claims of “racism”) when the issue of breed specific law comes up.

    But when honest citizens fight back, laws can get passed.

    I hope you will get together with citizens of your community and demand that legislators pass better laws and enforce them.

    And please sue those dogs owners, for your horse and injuries any people have suffered.

    That is the only thing that makes an impression on these criminals.

    If your town or city has not been enforcing the laws, and has allowed these people to break them, then sue the town or city as well. Their negligence caused your injury and loss.

  3. “has a litter of pups, remained at the home”

    Animal Control allowed a dog fighter breeder to keep their hands on their profits.

    I would sue the city for sure!!!!

    They leave a dangerous dog in that house, someone could die.

    Every single dog should have been seized

    Animal control should not be following orders from a dog fighter breeder.

    Please find a lawyer skilled in handling dog attack cases.

  4. Confined horses have NO chance to survive a pit bull attack. Poor Zack, standing where he should have been the safest, in his own stall, should never had to face this. Horse owners and owners of other livestock should feel confident that their animals are safe on their own property. The death of this good horse is a disgrace!

  5. Just know Lisa, your story has reached and helped me with mine. On Thanksgiving morning ’08, my little mare KC, was cornered and hung on a fence when she tried to jump it to get away from the neighbors pit bulls. Unfortunately, she, like Zack, could not get away. I have another horse, that did live through this horrific event only because my neighbor decided to feed early as a favor because I was preparing dinner for that evening. There is no doubt in my mind that these dogs would never have stopped until he was down as well.
    My gelding still walks with a pronounced limp from one of the over 40 bites just to his right front leg. He had numerous, enormous chunks of flesh completely removed from his lower lip, girth, neck, shoulder and chest. Since his prognosis is still guarded at best and he is still under the veterinarians care, the final chapter to my story is not yet written. For now we wait. In the mean time the dogs responsible have been euthanized, but not before the owner appealed the decision of the Animal Control to declare them vicious. I am thrilled to know that the terms of your (owners) probation prevents them from owning another dog like this. Your story has given me and many others, hope that someday this nonsense will stop and there will be appropriate laws established pertaining to these dogs, holding such derelict owners responsible. Zacks death was not in vain. Your case will set a standard/precedent in the state of Nevada for those cases yet to come.
    Thank You for sharing your story Lisa.
    I am truly truly sorry for your loss.

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