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5 thoughts on “Editorial: The Oregonian Editorial Board Responds to Recent Attacks

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  1. Did you see the reference in the comments to Deb Wood, who writes a fairly useless Pets column for the Oregonian?

    This one

    Deb Wood is an AKC dog breeder. She lobbies for AKC and other dog breeder interests, and shamelessly uses her column to promote or oppose the private business interests of her lobby (like lobbying against breed specific laws, for one) while not disclosing her business activities and lobbying status

    Deb Wood uses her column to lobby for AKC, promote purebred dog sales, and lobby for dog breeder political and legal interests such as opposing bsl.

    She is not truly a columnist or a reporter. She is a BUSINESS LOBBYIST who is deceiving the public and the Oregonian about her business activities, lobbying, and manipulation.

    These pretend “journalists” abuse their positions to use their columns as a soapbox for the breeding industry.

    The Oregonian has been manipulated by this woman, but they are not the only ones

    Similar situations

    Christie Keith- An AKC breeder and lobbyist who writes a column for the San Francisco Chronicle SF Gate, Your Whole Pet, where she lobbies for breeder financial interests, spreads breeder propaganda, and doesn’t even reveal she is a breeder. She also works for, an animal breeder/dealer business. Fails to reveal that too. Also involved in Pet Connection with below breeder lobbyist. (Here Christie doesn’t hide her AKC lobbying activities as carefully, and directly does the work for the AKC Government Relations Department. Scroll down to the pieces about the Massachusetts dog law. Remember Brad Hill representing his district’s pit bull breeders with the dangerous dog law that allowed pit bulls to get off the hook? There’s Christie Keith lobbying for the pit breeders!)

    Gina Spadafori – used to write for Sacramento Bee, now involved in Pet Connection with Marty Becker DVM. Spadafori is a breeder-lobbying, “let’s pretend we’re journalists” organization. HEAVY DUTY lobbyist for breeder interests. Tries to claim she doesn’t breed, but is in the breeding business with a business partner who does the dirty work. Spadafori is a personal friend of Christie Keith, they lobby together. Also involved with Dog Writers Association of America which is a front group for dog breeder “writers” who give the Maxwell Award to other shill dog breeder writers (often their personal friends) who use their columns and books to lobby for AKC and other breeder interests.

    Gina still has a friend on the Sacramento Bee who takes care to publish pro-breeder propaganda in the Bee whenever talk of regulation comes up.

    Denise Flaim – actually works for AKC, and is an AKC dog breeder. Same modus operandi. Writes a column for Newsday that purports to be a general pets interest column, but is filled with promoting the AKC and lobbying for or against AKC and dog breeder political and business interests.

    Kim Campbell Thornton – a dog breeder and lobbyist who writes a ridiculous column for MSNBC called Creature Comforts where in one column she actually LIES about spaying and neutering, falsely claiming that it was dangerous on behalf of her fellow breeder lobbyists who don’t want to spay or neuter their animals before sale, and oppose laws like SF’s spay neuter law for pit bulls. Outright LIES that passed right under MSNBC’s nose. They don’t even reveal she is in the business of dog breeding! Also involved in Pet Connection business with above people.

    (Notice how many are associated with the front groups, Dog Writers Association of America and Pet Connection?)

    There are others. Some are involved with this breeder lobbyist

    But look at what they write. Look at the similarities. It’s all like play doh out of the same mold, because it all comes from DOG BREEDER LOBBYING ORGANIZATIONS. Professional breeder lobbyists.

    The same propaganda, the same deceptions, the same myths. Fighting against the same regulations.

    They give each other awards, promote each other’s columns.

    This is the problem. Just like Jere Alexander infiltrated animal control, or Alane Koki infiltrated a local board examining dog ordinances, and some Animal Control is run by dog breeders, so have these pseudo “writers” and “reporters” infiltrated the media and produce columns that are nothing more than business propaganda for the dog breeder industry.

    They have manipulated their newspapers and publications, manipulated readers, and manipulated the truth in the name of industry financial interests.

    It is like having tobacco industry lobbyists writing articles about Health and using those columns to lobby on behalf of tobbacco companies’ business and political interests.

    And setting up a Health Writers Association of America front group where tobacco industry people give “awards” to tobacco lobbyist “writers” who promote tobacco industry interests!

    For some reason, some media publications have been lax about researching these people and their business/lobbying activities before hiring them to write columns that are nothing more than breeder business propaganda.

    But then these people work very hard to hide their activities!

    But private business does not belong masquerading as “experts” and “authorities” and journalists! They should be writing paid ads for dog breeders, not pretending to present information and truth in the name of journalism. Is it any wonder too much of the media is so easily duped by these breeder interests? They work for them!

    (although Deb Wood is obviously angry as can be that the Oregonian defied her, and wrote their editorial without consulting her or publishing her pit bull breeder propaganda!)

  2. Did you see the comments by Rachel Peeples, DVM?

    Did a little looking.

    Peeples is in Georgia, dog fighting territory.

    She buys Akitas from breeders and it looks like she breeds them, so the rescue thing seems shaky

    Her mother is a dog breeder

    It is frightening what they are letting out of vet school these days.

  3. Peeples works for Banfield Pet Hospital in Savannah, which is a chain.

    Does Banfield really like their DVMs going around spouting a bunch of dog fighter nonsense?

  4. Is Banfield the chain that is in some PetSmart stores? We recently got a postcard advertising a new store here, with a very ugly white pit bull on the front. Of all the dogs to pick to do your advertising that is what you pick? To me, it says a lot about their philosphy.

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