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35 thoughts on “Couple Takes Out Second Mortgage to Adopt Biting Pit Bull-Mix

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  1. Geez. Nearly 4 million healthy, adoptable animals get put down due to lack of good homes, and these idiots want to spend all their resources on this dog?

  2. These two losers should followed Jere’s footprints:
    Get a job there and just do what ever the f*ck you want to do with the animals.

  3. Smiley is the PROPERTY of the shelter. It is their constitutional right to do with their PROPERTY what they see fit. Right Cherie?

  4. I don’t understand why they didn’t just euthanize him. They don’t need anyone’s permission.

    I also do not understand WHY these two individuals or any private citizen for that matter has a legal claim on this dog?

  5. After two years of caring for this dog, the nutters are aligning against this woman? And AFTER the dog bit several people? The FABB group is behind the petition. FABB supports adopting out biting pit bulls. I wish I could say this surprised me.

  6. “The FABB group is behind the petition. FABB supports adopting out biting pit bulls. I wish I could say this surprised me.”

    You have to stick with what you know.

  7. This is the problem with the Nutters which are practically begging to be regulated…..They claim human aggressive pits were always euthanized, then they start martyrdom campaigns to save human aggressive pits.

    They should be the first ones supporting this manbiters culling.


  8. I simply do not understand the “Save Bear the Dog”, and “Save Smiley the innocent dog” is just as strange. What are these people thinking? Why would anyone want an animal with severe management problems to live for years in a shelter? Is this humane? What happens if some fool is allowed to bring these animals back into a community? Who is looking out for the public’s safety?

  9. These nutters are trying to force their lowered dog safety standards onto the community. Just think how many more aggressive pits will get placed if they prevail.

  10. Wasn’t FABB the group whose leader had an aggressive pit bull attack some poor woman’s golden retriever at a pet store opening?

    They need to be hit fast, long, and hard with lawsuits.

    THis is the only way attacks will be stopped.

  11. I hope this is getting some play in the media. Really ninety-nine percent of the public do think these people are “nuts.” You have to hope the judge has something called sense. I too question if these people have any legal rights to stop the dog from being put down?

  12. I hope someone in the local media is reporting this story. Nothing could be more crazy than these people. You have to trust that the judge has something called sense.
    The shelter has not been protecting people—why wasn’t Smiley put down after he bit the first person?

  13. Hopefully this shelter will learn a lesson now and stop taking these pit bulls and pit mixes (assuming it isn’t animal control or open admission)

    These dogs bring nothing but trouble.

    Spend the time and money on the loving dogs!

  14. The sex offender/animal cruelty felon from the Tacoma incident was desperately trying to be rehome them as of Friday.

    These people are hellbent for mauling!

  15. “Yesterday, a judge finally ruled that Smiley could be put down. She also left the door open for an appeal.”

    And there lies much of the problem

    Incompetent judges who are endangering public safety and costing people vast amounts of money catering to the criminal class

    We need to start listing the judges that are involved in situations like this. They need to be held accountable.

    However, hopefully the shelter will stop taking these pit bulls and pit bull mixes, and has learned a lesson that these dogs are not only trouble, they attract troubled people

  16. Excellent point!

    After all the good work the shelter has done for the community, they’ve got a nutcase on their hands blaming the SHELTER for the biting!

    “If you spent a day in that shelter, you probably would want to bite somebody,” she said.

    She also called the shelter Guantanamo!

    Save your shelter from biting pit bulls, financial ruin and nutcases: STOP TAKING IN PITS!

  17. Hopefully this dog is microchipped and will be traced to the thief

    These nutjobs who sued need to be investigated to within an inch of their life

    Someone is going to get killed by one of these nuts AND THE JUDGE LET IT HAPPEN

    What is her name? Does anyone know?

  18. Well it’s official now…”Reponsible Pit Bull Community” is now an oxymoron.

    Instead of policing themselves and insuring human aggressive pits are destroyed, they are now committing felonies to save them.

    Ban Early and Ban Often!

  19. Those comments on the “Stolen” article shows just how crazy these people are. They are HAPPY that someone stole this dog as it is now “free”. They are all praising Best Friends and the Dog Whisperer – its absolutely sickening. They should all be investigated.

  20. Thank you for posting the “DNA” test. But without an explanation it makes little sense. The instance of Smiley has little to do with dog breed; it’s got everything to do with the fact that the animal had a documented history of bites. Assuming the document is legitimate at all, it merely adds to the mystery of Smiley.

  21. Who is Kevin Jones of BioPet Vet lab?

    The most well-known and respected DNA lab is run by Mars (The Wisdom Panel). Why not use a widely recognized lab to test the dog? The Wisdom Panel detects 157 breeds. It appears that the BioPet lab only detects only 61!

    Kevin Jones, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of BioPet Vet Lab, the maker of the DNA Breed Identification test, which detects 61 breeds.

  22. If a dog owner has the right to have their animal euthanized after it bites, why wouldn’t a shelter? Smiley is the property of the shelter right? (or was, before it was stolen…)

  23. This Kevin Jones is a speaker at at least one AKC breed club

    Anything AKC is involved with is sure to be suspect

  24. The irony here is that the Dogmen leading the pit bull community, rally the dupes by labeling anyone that anti-mauling/proBSL as an Animal Rights terrorist.

    Meanwhile, how many times do we see Tax payer owned Animal control facilities broken into by pit nutters.

  25. WAIF cocuntersued back in January!

    WAIF files countersuit over Smiley
    Whidbey News Times Reporter
    Jan 23 2009
    Whidbey Island Animals’ Improvement Foundation is biting back. Former volunteers Bob Baker and Barbara Moran of Freeland filed suit against the island-based shelter last November in an effort to save the life of Smiley, a mixed-breed dog living at the Coupeville shelter. WAIF officials reported that the dog was to be euthanized because of aggressive behavior.

    This week Mark Theune, an Oak Harbor lawyer representing the shelter, filed a counterclaim against the couple, alleging malicious prosecution, conspiracy to misuse process and frivolous action.

    According to the filing, WAIF alleges that Baker and Moran’s lawsuit was made “with knowledge that it is false, unfounded, malicious and without probable cause.”

    The shelter also claims that the suit has “damaged” WAIF, and is “part of a conspiracy to misuse judicial process by filing an action known to be false and unfounded.”

    The counterclaim calls on the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, award damages for malicious prosecution, abuse of process and reimbursement of WAIF’s legal fees.

  26. The pit bull maniacs that orchestrated this theft and hiding of this vicious dog need to be arrested.

    Enough of the bloodletting!

    These pit bull people are nothing but crooks.

  27. Reminds me of the film “The Year of the dog”…. aboout a nice young lady who essentially goes crazy after working in the animal welfare movement.

    There are so many safe dogs needing homes…Why concentrate on a known biter? The No Kill hippies seem to have agenda of moving the society’s threshold of acceptable canine conduct.

  28. You got that right. I’m also wondering why the police did not name the woman?

    Geez, consider the dollar resources that have already gone toward this case! Now there will be a lot more.

    Whidbey Island homeowners, this is on your buck!

  29. question:
    Where do you look for a death row dog stolen from a shelter by rescue angels?

    um…the off leash dog park of course. DUH!

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