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6 thoughts on “Child Ripped Up by Pack of Pit Bulls in Baton Rouge

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  1. I’m beginning to believe that rationalization is the Original Sin.
    what did this woman ask of her ‘father in heaven”?
    Please make me feel better about myself even though I’m such an ass?

  2. She can’t change what happened! But she can talk to God and gain forgiveness (vanishing all blame and accountability). Leave it to a pit bull owner to hide behind “my father in heaven” to escape culpability.

  3. Many of these people are running dog breeding and dog fighting operations.

    The God talk is just a feint to get the focus off illegal business operations.

    The focus needs to be put back on what kind of criminal businesses they are running.

    If she has been breeding and selling and doesn’t have permits or been paying taxes (which few do) there also need to be tax investigations, zoning law investigations.

    What other dogs does she still have, is she still breeding?

  4. And this family needs to sue her

    Or else she will go right back into the pit bull business and more people will die

    Hopefully their attorneys can uncover what this woman was up to

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