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5 thoughts on “Letter: Pit Bull Apologists Always Sing the Same Tune

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  1. Here’s a Jenks A/C breakdown which resulted in 4 people being wounded, 2 dogs and a cat killed!

    “We are not monsters. We were trying to help an animal that couldn’t get placed,” said C.C. Ebert, who adopted the pit bull from the Ventura County Animal Shelter in August.

    The dog, which had come to the shelter as a stray, had passed a temperament test, according to Kathy Jenks, director of Ventura County Animal Regulation. Blue’s ears, however, were cropped in a style associated with fighting dogs”

  2. This is why temperment tests mean squat and every pit suspected of being used or bred for fighting should be put down. You would think that those who claim to love the breed would be calling for the same as it would clean up the gene pool while making them seem concerned for the public’s welfare. But their solution is to continue to allow the maulings but bully the media into not reporting it anymore so no one knows it is happening.

  3. I think the public has to push for more information on pit bull attack stories, and shine a spotlight on the “rescuers” who place these ticking time bombs in our neighborhoods. Public scorn, more scrutiny, and possible legal liability will help discourage the pit bull fanatics, who currently walk away scott free after a tragedy.

  4. Jenks and the shelter should be sued.

    This is probably the only thing that will prevent more deaths and maulings, as they seem to feel they have the right to hand out dangerous dogs.

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