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8 thoughts on “Dog Owner Cited in Palm Bay Attack that Ended in Amputation

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  1. what kind of dog — of any breed other than a pit bull — attacks in this manner? Can anyone answer this? This dog was stabbed multiple times with a knife, beat over the head with shovel and pitchforked. It STILL did not stop. As a result, this man’s life has been horribly altered — forever. His right lower leg and foot is gone…

  2. According to the Dogmen’s Code, Sweet Kilo needs to get the purple needle…afterall, human aggressive pits were always culled!

  3. “afterall, human aggressive pits were always culled!”

    That’s their story and their sticking to it!

    Lindee’s cousin is a Coward.

  4. Look at the end of that article.

    Lois Kostroski head of Florida Animal Control Association (note this is a VOLUNTEER organization. Wonder what kind of people volunteer for this?)

    “Every dog, like every human being, could attack. Research shows dog bites don’t come down to any one breed,” said Lois Kostroski, executive director of Florida Animal Control Association, a volunteer organization of animal control agencies and their employees. “The concept is we ban bad owners who train bad dogs, and that’s a much more difficult concept to deal with.””

    So Lois is outright lying on behalf of pit bulls. Statistics prove that pit bulls are a bigger problem than other types of breeds.

    So why is Lois lying? And why is an incompent, untruthful person heading this organization?

  5. The question is does Lois know any better and why not? Pit bull advocates have covered the net with propaganda that the average, well-meaning animal lover reads over and over again. At the same time they have drowned out and deleted all other opinions, painting the people who bring up real facts as ignorant, racist dog haters. No one wants to learn facts from a racist when they could learn emotional-friendly fluff from a fellow dog lover. Lois has been duped like so many others, and then has chosen to continue the propaganda herself.

  6. FACA is a non-profit group.

    FACA approves a whopping 40 hour training course for all A/C reps…

    An initial mandatory
    certification program for county animal control officers became effective
    on January 1, 1990, and requires animal control officers to complete
    a minimum 40 hour training curriculum approved by FACA before they
    can issue citations, as outlined by FL Statutes, Chapter 828.27. This
    certification program should impart both the knowledge and the skills
    needed to perform the job in a professional manner.

  7. Wow! This is a tragedy for Mr Lindee! His life will never be the same.
    I Always have a hard time understanding why owners of pitbulls and other aggressive animals would go to so much trouble. I mean, it's got to be a high stress life to always be worried about your dog possibly killing whoever comes knocking at your door. Why would you add that kind of chaos in your life? Isn't life crazy enough sometimes? Do you care about anybody else's safety including your own? It's a mystery to me. I just know We are all sick and tired of paying the price for your bad choices and your dangerous dog living nearby!

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