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2 thoughts on “Pit Bulls in El Paso and Bizarre News Story

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  1. Let’s hope we don’t read about this Pit sleeper cell again in a story titled “Anatomy of an Animal Control Breakdown”.

  2. Dog fighting is rampant in the United States, and many pit bull advocacy groups are merely fronts to protect to dog fighters and game dog breeders.

    Many of the pit bull message boards and discussion forums are havens for dog fighters…while they choose their words carefully, and will not openly admit to engaging in illegal acts, they often defend the “sport” and many of the lowlife dogmen who have been arrested for animal cruelty. There are also endless discussions regarding “gameness”, which is the primary trait dogfighters breed for in fighting pit bulls. Here is just one thread from a popular forum…

    One poster has quoted from an article written by a former editor of the ADBA Gazette…I will cut and paste some quotes…

    “Gameness is not the willingness to fight, it’s not the courage to get killed by a better opponent. it’s the will to win!
    nothing tests that will to win more then the instinct for self-preservation. in the Pit bull, we have one of the few examples of an animal whose will to live is consistently suppressed by his will to dominate and to rule whatever ground he’s standing on.”

    “I believe that every human being that walks the earth admires Gameness when he recognizes it. some of us even seek it out. we look for it in sports that tests man’s courage. we find traces of it in race horses, wild animals, and to a great degree in gamecocks. it has nothing to do with being a tough guy “who will fight at the drop of a hat”. it’s when your getting whipped that you find out how Game you are.
    the same is true of a Pit dog. you don’t know how Game he is until you’ve seen him in trouble. it don’t matter how he bristles when you walk another dog by his chain, or how quick he was to take hold o f the neighbors cock-a-poo. as a matter of fact, i don’t believe that the overt aggressiveness of a dog is at all relevant to how Game he is. for example, i’ve had the honor to own a dog that came from the bottom to win a big fight in over 2 hours with no turns. the loser died and the winner was only saved by timely Shock therapy. i would say he was reasonably Game. yet, it was not uncommon to see him romping with Cur dogs that strayed through the Yard. many Game, Game dogs would not a fight Cur dogs. on the other hand, many very Game dogs were like kegs of dynamite. they would explode when they saw anything with hair on it. some rank curs that would Turn and run the minute they were topped, were the same way, and still others couldn’t look a good Bulldog in the eye. initial aggressiveness just doesn’t seem to relate positively or negatively to gameness.
    now aggressiveness in battle is something else again. a Game dog will Keep his hold and whats more important, he’ll always have a hold. when called on to Scratch, whether he runs across or walks, he’ll be leaning into your hands when you Turn to face his opponent. he’ll Keep his eye on the dog and Scratch straight into him without turning his head. he’ll aggressively take advantage of every opportunity to hurt his opponent.
    but when it comes to dogs, why partner, theres only one. he’s not defending his children. he’s not backed in the corner defending his life. he cant be ordered to do battle. his tail is up, theres joy in his heart. he’s only going to whip you because your standing where he wants to stand. HE FIGHTS BECAUSE HE “IS”.”

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