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5 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owner Blames Attack on 'Made Up' Pit Bull

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  1. She should sue the breeder that sold her the defective product.

    More public resource down the pit bull drain….

  2. This dog that bit her—that dog should go down immediately. This is a dog that has a great chance of severely mauling someone. There’s a woman in Greensburg Indiana who is a double amputee because she kept her dog who bit her and was in obedience training with the dog. This is a dishonest person anyway–just perfect to be a pit bull owner.

  3. She probably lied out of fear of pit nutter peer pressure…Once an attack occurs, the nutter community reflexively blames “the owner” and banishes the cult member.

    She knew she would be sacrificed so that breeders could keep selling dangerous product.

    It’s like an ant colony really…

  4. Funny, she didn’t blame the attack on a Cocker Spaniel or Golden Rertriever but another pit bull. Even pit bull owners know their dogs are the most dangerous although they constantly deny it. And why would you want a dog that bites you? Seriously, where’s the appeal?

  5. My feelings exactly. She’s gone and got herself 3 pit bulls, one that sent her to the hospital. WHERE IS THE APPEAL?

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