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4 thoughts on “Letter: Why Don't Pit Bulls Require 'OK' from Neighbors?

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  1. I wonder how many dogbite victims the good doctor has treated?

    The nutters are all over this letter claiming he doesn’t have the expertise to make such a comment!

  2. Yes but chickens can be very dangerous especially if they are male and not neutered. I’ve been attacked three times in my live by chickens but never by a pitbull. So clearly chickens are a much higher risk to public safety.

  3. Good for the doctor pointing out the obvious. Somebody tell him about so he can provide the proof of this dogs attack record. The cities in the last few months that have acquired some form of ban or restriction against the pit bull are Little Rock, Sioux City, soon Omaha. Councilman Brian Powers of Lakewood, Ohio can inform your city county council about the hysterical pit bull lobby. Dood for you Doc.

  4. Oh, I have been saying this for years! Many of us live in suburbs with numrous regulations regarding “livestock”, no matter how small, harmless, or clean the animals are. You can be denied the right to have three laying hens in your yard, even though the hens clucking is not loud enough to be a nuisance, you keep the coop clean, and, if they get loose, they present no danger whatsoever to the general public. However, you neighbor can go out and buy three pit bulls, whose barking is a public disturbance; whose feces, ten times what a small bird produces, can be smelled from the neighbors property, and who pose a life-threatening danger to everyone in the neighborhood. Yet dog owners go unregulated, while owners of harmless pets deemed “livestock” are crucified.

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