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5 thoughts on “Calgary Owner and Dog Traumatized After Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Pit nutters often cite Calgary as being a place where non-breed specific laws have lowered bites and overall pet popultion. Bites, they always focus on bites to take your mind off the real problem of severe attacks. Clearly those are still happening and the laws, as wonderful as they might be, and not solving the entire problem. It’s going to be interesting to see how the pit bull advocate community handles this case.

  2. Why Calgary needs a breed specific law:

    Woman loses finger, her dog, and it was not the pit bull’s first offense.

    And what do pit bull owners think of Calgary? They think it is the model city all other places should base their animal laws off of! Notice no mention of dog attacks, only bites. Whereas Winnipeg did enact a pit bull ban specifically for severe attacks and watched those number drop from 20-25 a year to 1 or 2.

    “The bottom line: Calgary enacted dangerous dog legislation in response to an escalating bite problem. The results were incredible. Bites have dropped by 70% and the city’s animal control program pays for itself. Police work with animal control in dangerous situations like the one mentioned by Julian Fantino last week; the Calgary approach effectively manages the problems Fantino outlined.”

  3. My advice is attack the owner of the pits. Scratch him, pull out some of his hair. That way you have DNA evidence of the owner who is probably allready listed in police records.

  4. Pit owners seem to have the dine and dashing attack protocol down to a science.

    These to dog killers were probably whisked away somewhere within the bowels of the Pit Bull community to save them.

  5. we live in bc and last night my girlfriend and granddaugther was attack by two pitbulls in a family area when bylaw officers came and got the dogs they gave them back to the owners and gave us a report to fill out and said there hands are tied this is bullshit. These dogs were not raised as pet they both came at me with force and ready to attack they should be taken away the owners live 5 house away from a park i could be in your area how would you feel if that was your child or your grand child wouldnt you want somethong done and dog atacks anyone they shouldnt be giving back until they really hurt someone as for being a from bc this is not a great experince to come to

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