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12 thoughts on “Wendy Blevins Witnesses Another Violent Pit Bull Attack; Neighbor's Dogs

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  1. Just like a time bomb, never knowing when or which wire is going to cause them to go off.
    Even when these people know their dog has turned, they still will not do the right thing. Instead they leave the rest of us at risk.

  2. This pit bull problem is so obvious. Surely the leaders of Omaha understand that they have to move on this dog? The problem with the pit bull is national and twenty-two years old. It’s not going away. As far as the pit bull owners and the sweetest dogs you could ever own. How do you spell uneducated and stupid.

  3. I can relate to Wendy’s angst when it comes to immediate neighbors and their pit bulls. You want to get along with your neighbors. You want to be friendly and courteous. Whether it’s a daily wave and a smile, or giving away perfect garden tomatoes and an invitation to the barbeque, you want to be “neighborly.”

    But with experience, I realized that I had been sucked into a game of Russian Roulette with their untrustworthy breed. After not one, but two attacks by these “sweet babies,” I realized I didn’t owe the people who play roulette with the safety of me, my family, or my pets an ounce of neighborly courtesy. They deserved none and they got none.

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to move into my rural neighborhood, where resident pit bulls number in the zeros and any that make their way here are shot on sight. I appreciate and respect my new neighbors enough that should I go forward with a plan to subdivide, the buyer stipulations will include “pit bull free zone” verbiage, no exceptions.

  4. And after Wendy’s neighbor picked herself up, brushed herself off and regained her breath, she no doubt stated, “But they aren’t aggressive towards humans.”

  5. This is why the lion tsmer hobby is dangerous. She actually beleived she could keep them apart and contain them from escapaing.

    If you read the nutter boards…There are some who “crate and rotate” 24/7 and keep a break stick in every room for when the fight breaks out. These people clearly have different expectations from the dog owning experience than the rest of us.

  6. I have a similar problem in my neighborhood that is FILLED with dogs. Only the pit bulls have caused problems, and we’re talking overnight stays in the vets office or death to other pets. These owner feel they are educated because they can throw out catch phrases like “media hype”, “bad rap”, and “how you raise them”. One neighbor admitted to me how he feels unsafe in his own home due to his grown child’s dog yet will get defensive if anyone else in the neighborhood expresses concern for their child or pet with a pit bull that has been known to escape its yard on numerous occassions. And we are all helpless because Animal Control can’t do anything until after something bad happens. I wish they would ban them here.

  7. I hope this got some coverage in Omaha. I want to say that where I live in a big city there are few pit bulls. People have too much to lose. However, a rare rental house came on the market. A woman with boy friend and his pit bull moved in—-.The dog has gotten loose several times. One neighbor who is very wealthy and very well known in the community said, “don’t call animal control–there could be repercussions!” If this coward feels this way how do you think poor people feel!!!!!

  8. This situation happened to a friend of mine; the neighbor’s pit bull was fine up until the age of about two, then it suddenly decided it wanted to kill her dog. It jumped a fence and almost did.

    I have to laugh when pro-pit organizations instruct pit bull owners to socialize their dog with other dogs…, exactly, can they safely do that? I sure as hell don’t want any pit bull owners, most of whom are young and uneducated and know nothing about dogs, using MY pet to “socialize” their young pit bull. Since you never really know what might set a pit bull off, why would anyone take a chance?

    Why would anyone believe a pit bull owner who tells them, “Oh, Cujo just LOVES other dogs!”? when pro-pit organizations advise pit owners to never leave their dogs home alone with each other. That’s insane….I have dozens of dog loving friends in multiple dog households of many different breeds, from Rottwielers to poodles to mutts, and no one has to worry about that level of dog aggression. No one has ever come home to a dead dog.

    Pit bulls are dangerous, period. The pro-pit lobby can’t spin it any more, the truth has become self evident. Poor Wendy, this poor girl cannot catch a break.

  9. A lot of pit people buy small dogs to socialise their pits with other dogs. Terrible things happen to these little dogs but you won’t read about these victims of pits it in the papers ofcourse.

  10. My recommendation to Wendy:
    1) Get a good health insurance policy on your family, and life insurance on the major breadwinner in your household.
    2) Get your own yard fenced and stay behind it.
    3) Draft a letter and personally serve it on every neighbor who has a pit bull, telling them of your experience and your intent to exercise your right of self-protection should their pit bull be loose in the neighborhood.
    4) Get training on firearms and decide to either carry a large caliber handgun or a shotgun.
    5) Should any pit bull get loose in your neighborhood and come towards you or any member of your family – shoot it!
    6) If a pit bull in your neighborhood ever acts agressive, send a letter to the City informing them of the facts, demanding that they take action to protect you and your family and demanding that they tell you of their action.
    7)Ask the City Clerk to assist you in finding the mortgage note holder on every property holding a pit bull and send the mortgage company a letter informing them of your experience, the fact that a pit bull is maintained on the property, and your inquiry as to the amount of liability insurance coverage provided by the mortgage company.

  11. There are a lot of dogs on my street but only one pit bull. She belongs to the young, twentysomething couple who like to throw parties, have big screaming fights, and have run-ins with the police. One half of the couple told me not to pet the pit bull as she was "mean."

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