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4 thoughts on “Attacking Pit Bulls Impounded by Animal Services

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  1. Most pit bull owners will never understand there is no defense for these attacks.

    It’s much like the irrational claims of at fault drivers in rear end collisions. “They could have gone around the pedestrian instead of hitting the brakes; they should have seen I was right behind them.” Implying the pedestrian’s safety should have been comprimised to the benefit of the tailgater.

    Or, there are the accused murder suspects who deny guilt because the murder victim didn’t cooperate during the course of an armed robbery. “I didn’t set out to kill nobody. They committed suicide when they didn’t get the safe open.”

    And now there are pit bull owners who blame the victims because they had pets with them. Or, they somehow provoked the pit bull. Or, they didn’t behave a particular way at the onset or during the attack.

    The common thread… All criminals with criminal “logic.”

  2. They already rationalized killing a neighbors pet is acceptable risk when they got the pit bulls.


  3. It’s pretty much fact that pit bull owners hate little yappy dogs. So it’s okay to kill them. Ever notice that? Pit bull owners want little dogs dead, they want people who “abuse” pit bulls dead, they want “ignorant” people who don’t like pit bulls dead, but if you say you want pit bulls restricted then you’re a racist monster.

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