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10 thoughts on “2 Pit Bulls Killed After Mauling 71-Year Old SeaTac Woman

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  1. Big Guy and Rimshot were already declared viscous by the city law, yet the owner just had to go out and buy two of them. Now he’s claiming he can’t understand what happened…

    $5G’s and one year in jail please!

    Hopefully the local Families Against Breed Bans cult will hold a fundraiser to help pay for the woman’s medical costs.

  2. Another Extra-territorial attack incident…Just like the Lockwood study pointed out, Pit Bulls are 14 times more likely to break containment and attack compared to other breeds. These extra territorial attacks shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  3. Notice the owner was annoyed he was being questioned. Some lady almost died and he’s annoyed. Pit bull owners are all the same: complete wastes of DNA.

  4. This poor woman mauled for walking her grandchildren to school. The innocence is stark–this dog has capabilities (genetics) that make it fearsome. Pits are so prey driven. The old and young are great prey.

  5. Why doesn’t King County Animal Control do there jobs. The owners’s of the dogs had been reported to of had 5 dogs and the law states the 3 dogs are the limit. It takes complant after complant to get them to act! Yes, the owners need to be fined and should never be allowed to own another dog. It’s called being responable! If people and agency’s were responsable there would be little or no issues.

  6. Why don’t the families sue the city, like the family of Henry Pitrowski has? Thats one sure fire way to the everyones attention.

  7. In the instance of Henry, there were multiple complaints (311 and 911 calls) that the city failed to respond to. This is the basis of the lawsuit. The Le family will have to show that the County “knew” the dogs were dangerous and posed significant threat and the County still failed to act. The County is saying that the dogs did not have track record in the past…there is likely very little basis in the instance of the SeaTac attack.

  8. suing the city as well as the owners… yes i agree. but it is more important to sue the owners. the cunninghams should be living in a box under I5 and scrounging for food out of dumpsters.
    only then will dog owners start to wake up!

  9. I adopted a 5 month old choc lab and followed well documented training methods and paid for him to go through an obedience training class. It was a responsibility I prepared for and I have had no troubles ever with him.

    Perhaps I was just lucky, and it seems to me that my dog instinctively has a soft mouth, and my training book instructed to not play aggressive ‘tug-of-war’ type of games, etc. Also, he is crate trained, and of course is licensed, neutered, chipped, etc., as is required for any dog adopted from Seattle Animal Shelter. I feel I spent considerable effort, but I feel it was a necessary investment of my time to qualify myself as a ‘responsible dog owner.’

    I find it amazing that someone can properly train and keep happy 4 dogs (re the pit bull owner involved in the brutal attack in Sea-Tac). Is this dog owner independently wealthy or something, and so able to give the dogs the attention and training they need?

    I had to go through an interview with a Seattle Animal shelter to adopt my lab, and they warned me how he is a high energy type that will make him difficult to manage, and they suggested training books I should follow. Since I’m an avid jogger/hiker/outdoor enthusiast, this dog was a good match for me, and I applaud the shelter for trying to insure this.

    I am no genetics expert regarding dog behavior. I will say it was extremely easy for me to train my lab to retrieve on land or water, and to have a soft mouth (i.e. the ‘no bite’ command seemed natural for him).

    Finally, I may have limited experience, only raising a single dog (adopted at 5 months with no name or any training at all, and who is now nearly 5 years old), but I am in favor of much more responsibility put on the owner. I’m now training my dog search and rescue techniques and looking into dog therapy training, but if my dog’s behavior caused a problem, then I’d expect the city to not just hand me a fine, but get training to correct the adverse behavior once and for all.

    I love animals, but unfortunately I need to work and take care of family. Thus I can only make one dog happy. If you can manage a job, family, and keep 4 pit bulls happy and well cared for, you are my hero.

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