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8 thoughts on “Wendy Blevins Podcast on the Tom Becka Show (38 minutes)

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  1. Seems like she is still falling for the biggest lie of the pitbullfans: it is irresponsible owners and breeders.

    Do not make this mistake. Do not think the owner looks respectable so he must have a nice pit. Do not think the owner has another small dog the pit will be okay with small dogs. Do not think he is wagging his tail so it must be a nice pit.This dog was bred to show no signals of an oncoming attack. Keep your dog and child away from them.

    Responsible pit breeders tell their customers: this dog was bred to kill other dogs. Do not think because you raise him together with other animals he won’t attack your neighbors dogs.

  2. To Wendy, you did a great job! You were gracious, intelligent, respectful, and thoughtful in your answers. Mayor Fahey should be ashamed of himself. Wendy, you are a class act, and the fact that the Mayor did not put you on that committee speaks volumns about his character.

    I am incensed to hear that Wendy and her family are being harrassed and threatened by pit bull owners!!! Although Wendy did not want to volunteer the information, the radio host did…pit bull owners walking their enourmous dogs up and down in front of her house, standing on the sidewalk in front of her house to intimidate her; one with his dog on a very thin nylon leash! People yelling obscenities as they drive by her…..This is why these dogs need to be banned. They are owned by criminals and mentally unstable people who use them as weapons.

    Time to stop pandering to a very small number of pit bull owners and start seeing this as a public safety risk that needs to be dealt with. The majority of pit bull owners will never be responsible.

  3. Mrs. Poodle, I agree with everything you say about pit bulls; I think Mrs. Blevins has to be very careful what she says, however. Can you imagine what it must be like to be this young mother home, alone, with her injured child recuperating and in pain, when she looks out her window and sees a stranger standing there with his pit bull? Pit bull activists are often very dangerous criminals, and/or mentally unstable people. Did you hear what she said about the owner of the dog who mauled her daughter? The woman had the nerve to call her at the hospital and complain about how she now had to lose her “baby”…her dog; the dog owner wanted Wendy Blevins sympathy as if SHE was the victim here. Pit bull owners encompass the lunatic fringe of dog owners, we know many of them are involved in criminal activity. I think Mrs. Blevins handled herself very well, considering the harassment she is facing.

  4. Agreed. Also Wendy makes very good points about missing aspects to the ordinance. The type of leash and muzzle absolutely should be defined, as should the height of the fence. These are very key points. Wendy continues to talk about the issues that matter and in specific detail. Let’s hope the City Council will hear her logic and thoughtfulness. Wendy is committed to avoiding a future attack like she and her daughter endured. Her dedication to this is clear.

  5. Wendy is a class act, extraordinaire! Under the circumstances, I think my tone would have devolved to vitriolic fuming. And when she related her experience of intimidation, I found myself clinching my jaw and ramping up for a fight. Leave it to pit bull advocates to be outrageous regardless of context and circumstances. To hell with these people.

    Stop the deed – ban the breed now!

  6. Mayor Fahey must have a lousy staff of advisors…any politician with half a brain knows that the MAJORITY of registered voters want pit bulls regulated. The demographics of pit bull owners are pretty obvious…they often are transient(renters), don’t own property, (or property of any significant value), are typically young, often have a criminal records. As we have seen in several of the stories below, some individuals obsessed with these dogs suffer from metal illness. While there may be a very small number of middle class “responsible” pit bull owners who live in Omaha and vote, the majority of “pit bull activists” don’t.

    Its been the squeeky wheel syndrome….a very small number of pro-pit activists have made a lot of noise, and put a lot of pressure on local politicians with threats of law suits, etc. Now that we have seen some successful lawsuits against local governments, like the Daniel Decembre case ($1.8 million dollar judgement against the Orange County School Board) our public officials should smarten up and stop pandering to special interest groups and start representing their constituents. The mayors who have stood up to the for profit breeder lobby and banned or tightly regulated pit bull type dogs are veiwed as heroes by 95% of their consituents.

  7. She did very good, but needs to realize that the Lockwood study revealed that pit bulls are 14 times more likely to break containment and attack compared to other breeds. The “Baby” that mauled her and the kids did exactly that.

    Classic line from the owner …”oh Shit!” indicating she knew the danger!

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