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4 thoughts on “Texas Update: Cities Contemplating Pit Bull Laws and More

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  1. It’s ridiculous that Texas doesn’t try to amend the box they have put themselves into preventing banning of specific breeds of dogs. The law takes away from the right of a municipality to protect its citizens. There are types of dogs so dangerous in the world that it’s absurd to think they should not be banned. Doggo Argentino, Presa Canario —more-. The American Pit Bull Terrier is dangerous because of its bite and the trait of unpredictability built into the dog for the fight. Why does a type of dog have any rights over the safety of human beings? I always thought Texans had sense–they do —change this law!

  2. Some media conspiracy against Texas Pit Bulls …nearly every article discussing the issue omits the outrageous bodycount being amassed by them.

    So far very few charges brought under Lillians’ Law…looks like this approach is a dismal failure.

  3. If all it took was a little abuse, every greyhound would be a killer. Compare the two breeds: both used for “sport” and both abused by man. Abuse including starvation, beating, neglect, painful injuries, lack of training and socialization, living in confined spaces – all excuses for pit bull attacks – is daily life for a racing greyhound which is then adopted to a family as a gentle pet. You don’t find greyhounds listed on the CDC report and they are listed only once on the Merritt Clifton study. The proof is in the pudding: the “it’s how you raise them” argument is proven false.

  4. It’s a media conspiracy! Nearly everyday a neighbor or law enforcement officer has to shoot a mauling cocker to release it’s victim….Then the CIA uses black helicopters to lifeflight the victims to a secret hospital in Afghanistan!…True story!

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