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7 thoughts on “Neighbor Shoots Attacking Pit Bull, Caught on Video

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  1. When you need to shoot a pit bull and can take your shot at point blank range… Head Shot! HEAD SHOT!

    Just sayin’.

  2. You know, after a few glasses of wine, (it is Saturday night after all), I am thinking that we should start an advocacy group for animal victims of pit bull attacks. If dog fighting is now a felony in all 50 states, why is it still legal to breed fighting dogs? Who is speaking for the countless animals mauled by pit bulls every day in this country? Where are the advocates for these hapless creatures?

    The SPCA, Humane Society and countless shelters and rescues across the country have chosen to advocate for the “rights” of pit bulls…what about the rights of other dogs, especially smaller dogs who seldom survive a pit bull attack? Does a horse or goat suffer less than a pit bull dog, when it is being mauled? Do people love their horse any less than a pit bull owner loves their dog? Is it ethical to breed dogs that are designed to kill other dogs? Why haven’t any animal rights organizations answered these difficult questions?

    Where are all the supposed animal lovers when dogs, cats, horses, goats, llamas, deers, etc, etc, are being killed or maimed by pit bulls? Who will speak for them?

  3. Amen and thank you anonymous! The pit bull people left me standing there with my bleeding horse and never looked back. Why was the horse not valuable enough for the ASPCA to speak out? Where was the HSUS? There is nothing ethical about these backyard bred killing machines.

  4. Ditto on the head shot!

    Double ditto on the cruelty that the animal victims experience. It is sickening.

  5. “WE” are the group that’s speaking out, by using this platform Colleen has provided for us. Everyday our numbers grow. The more victims the better our chance of stopping these “people” from making neighborhoods unsafe. It is the “people” making use of these dogs to make their neighors live in fear.

  6. I hope anyone reading this who has had their pet attacked or knows of someone else whose pet has been attacked will tell them to write in—-The ASPCA is a cruel joke. They do not care about the animals that have been killed by pit bulls. These pit bull owners,— I mean the committed ones, that dress their pits up for birthday parties etc., are totally consumed by their dogs. The only reason this dog exists is to kill other dogs. The ASPCA and the owners of animal killers just don’t get it—-sick.

  7. >:( This is basically what most pit bull owners are saying :

    – Pitt Bulls are having rights abused the other animals and breeds that are attacked don't count.
    -My (Not actually mine but view of a Pitt Bull owner) dog killed 4 smaller dogs and attacked a horse today but it's not my dogs fault it's
    a. The smaller dogs for barking b. Their owner because she was screaming
    a. The horses fault because it was panicking
    b. The horse owners fault for not having better sercuirity

    -.- Things have to change


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