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8 thoughts on “Montauk Monster: Speculators Say it Could be a Pit Bull

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  1. Its quite obviously a dead dog…its decomposed, and the soft tissue around the nose is gone, giving the head the look of a beak. Its bloated and the fur is gone due to decomposition, and possible from being under water.

    Next mystery, please……

  2. I think this is definitely man made, whether a mortifying case of abuse or a genetic deformity.

  3. This is a horrific example of animal abuse maybe burned but definitely tortured…and then thrown in the ocean…this poor dog

  4. Profoundly ugly and appears to be a genetic experiment gone bad? Without pictures I would have had only two guesses — a pit bull or my ex mother-in-law. Or somebody’s pit bull owning mother-in-law. (So that’s three gusses. Who’s counting?) Bury it already.

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