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7 thoughts on “Flashback: Ava Price, 22 Months Old, Mauled by Family Pit Bull

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  1. Maybe nothing is happening in the USA so here’s a story from Holland where they have just lifted the ban on pitbulls which has resulted in a doubling of the number of pits in my neighbourhoud in just a few months since this has been made public.

    Last nite my poodle was attacked by a pitbull while I was taking some money out of the wall. I was facing the wall and my poodle was standing, waiting half a meter behind me when I heard growling followed by a yelp from my dog. I turned around, there was a white pit who just happened to be walking by with his owner on a leash. He pulled my dog out of her collar when I started to scream a really high pitch scream. (I learned from Discovery Channel this is the way to scare of lions and hyena’s.) He let go and because she wasn’t on her leash anymore my dog managed to get away out of reach.
    I started cursing and screaming at the owner who said he couldn’t help it because he was just walking by. The pit went completely submisive and they both quickly left the scene of the crime.
    Lucky my dog wasn’t wounded yet.

  2. There have been numerous new pit bull maulings in the last few days, that have not been covered by this blog… I am concerned.

    Are the owners of this blog being threatened, harrassed, or intimidated into not posting new incidents? Or have they been so inundated with pro-pit spam that the blog has been essentially diabled? Based on what I have seen of the pit bull activists, that would not surprise me.

    Please let your readers know what has happened…

  3. After the attack, this child’s mother no longer believes that a pit bull is a good family pet with kids in the home, but still thinks they would be okay for an adult or adult couple – as if there isn’t tens of thousands of examples of pit bull disasters where no children were involved.

    I think there’s a phenomenon and rationalization similar to Stockholm Syndrome present. With Stockholm syndrome, hostages become sympathetic to their captors during their captivity, and may even shift the blame for their predicament towards people other than the hostage takers. Pit bull owners frequently exhibit this hostage-like thinking when they defer blame to the parameters of circumstance or the actions of victims rather than the criminal make-up of the perpetrator(s).

  4. Sorry, Mrs. Poodle, for your terrible encounter. I hope your dog is feeling better. I wonder how long this will last in Holland….the outcome seems obvious; I suspect after some high profile maulings, the ban will return.

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