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3 thoughts on “Criminal Charges Filed After Rottweiler Kills Bear Cub

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  1. I do not believe in rehabilitation. Too risky. I have been wary of pitbulls for at 6 years now. It could be longer but I remember well an event 6 years ago, when my daughter was but 3 months old. I took her and my son to a children’s fair. A man had a pitbull with him, albeit on a leash (like a leash really matters) and he brought that dog right next to my daughter in her stroller. I was terrified, but tried not to show it, and moved her as far away from that time bomb as quickly as I could. Flash forward 5 years: while outside eating lunch at work, I saw a former co-worker and her dog on the lawn, with about 8 people around her. I decided to go say hi and as I got closer, I saw it was a pitbull. I stopped dead in my tracks, but for some reason decided to still go say hi. Turns out this was a rescue pit and she was going to get it “certified” and she was there to “socialize” the dog; show that others could pet and walk the dog without it harming them or showing aggression, etc. They were all talking to this beast like it was just the sweetest cutest lil thing going. When the former co-worker brought the beast around the circle to me, the dog leapt up and in mid-air, lunged at my face with all teeth bared. Not a sign, or tell, that this was about to happen. I was shaking and sweating from my head to my toes, and left that circle cursing my self for being so stupid as to get anywhere near a pitbull. I’m lucky to still have a face. For some stupid reason, I think I entered that circle to give those damn dogs another chance — maybe I was just stereotyping? Well, I got my answer in spades…

    I know this article is about rotties, but I just had to chime in on rehab for dangerous dogs.

  2. NJ dangerous dog laws can be found here:

    The rottweiler should have been declared a dangerous dog after the killing of the husky and the owner should have been forced to comply with the added restrictions of owning a dangerous dog in NJ – special license, sign, muzzle, insurance policy and ENCLOSURE WITH TOP, BOTTOM & SIDES.

    Also interesting, NJ says a vicious dog includes "2) has engaged in dog fighting activities as described in R.S. 4:22-24 and R.S. 4:22-26" yet shelters have on occassion adopted former fighting pit bulls to the public without informing the new owners of the dog's past in NJ, and attacks have happened because of it.

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