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4 thoughts on “Comment: Create Advocacy Group for Animals Victimized by Pit Bulls

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  1. This writer has hit a very large problem. The bully dog owners also protect the pit bull. They are afraid for their dogs. No thought or care is given the other animals that are slaughtered or maimed overwhelmingly by this one dog. A campaign should be started NOT to give to the ASPCA for their cold disregard of pet owners who have had their pets slaughtered.

  2. Its intetresting, the whole mentality of the bully dog owners. Spend some time lurking in the pit bull discussion forums and message boards, and on any of the pro-pit websites that allededly promote “responsible” pit bull ownership, and read what they say about dog parks. I have read numerous, lengthy explanations about why pit bull owners should avoid dog parks; because of the dogs genetic predisposition toward dog aggression, even a formally dog friendly pit bull can decide to attack another dog some day. Pit bull owners are warned to not take their dogs to dog parks, for that reason.

    But if you read the “why” pro-pit advocates are telling bully owners to avoid dog parks, it is NOT because of any moral sense or compassion for other dogs…its ONLY because a pit bull attack at a dog park could cause local officials to consider BSL. That is the only real motive behind the so-called “responsible” pit bull ownership advice. Pit bull owners are not told to avoid dog parks because of the danger their dogs may pose to other dogs, or because it is morally wrong to put other peoples pets at risk, or because it is cruel to expose another animal to the dangers of a fighting breed. They sre told not to go to dog parks because an attack MIGHT LEAD TO BSL, which would restrict their rights to continue to own and breed these dogs.

    Pit bull advocates are NOT animal advocates….that is abudantly clear. The motive for advocacy is, and has always been, to preserve their rights to own and breed dangerous fighting breeds with no restrictions.

  3. This is an issue very close to my heart that I deal with everyday. I have to consider the neighborhood's pit bulls and other loose dogs in every decision I make concerning my children, my home and my farm animals. My fences have to be more secure to keep them out than just to keep my animals in. Do I carry my gun with me today when I do my chores? When I leave my teenage children at home alone how are they supposed to respond if a pit bull attacks our goats? We go over this more than our accidental fire plan.
    I agree with everything that is said here but would like to add one point. When these dogs attack other animals they are rarely on their own property. In most jurisdictions it is against the law to allow your dog to roam free. However this is rarely mentioned. It irks me to no end that this is ignored. If one of my gentle, hand-raised, halter trained cows were to wander off of my property you can be sure that I would get a visit from the sheriff and a citation.

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